Deadly disease…Help!!!

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Jayant’s email to me : “I have very deadly disease and i dont want to die so soon am just 37 and have 2 small daughters and there wont be any one to support them inspite of my parents being very rich dont even support me , erik pls help can i get out of this mess or will i spoils my kids life and my wifes life with my disease as they are already suffering a lot.”

Erik’s reply : “”Jayant, its your life plan and you need not worry, your parents will take care of your wife and daughter after you leave and you will find ways to get in touch with them, when you will be here, I will help you when you are here to do that. Its your destiny and cannot be avoided and you will live longer then you think. In the meantime, you can do your best to secure your family’s future, maybe try and drill some sense in your father. Jayant, your wife is a strong lady, dont underestimate her, she will do fine. You have to be strong till you are there. Please pray to BABA to take your family under his care.”