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This Blog is about a journey called life, about the junctions of  life and ultimately about the final destination — our Spiritual Home. What is life? What is death? Is death an end in itself or is it just a beginning to another cycle of life? What happens after we die? Where do we go? How is the afterlife? This blog is an answer to these and many more questions. It aims to be a companion to the grieved who feel they are lonely and suffering from the loss of the loved ones. It intends to provide solace to them by not just making the spirit world accessible but by also proving that death is but only a temporary separation and not the end of the beautiful relationships shared here in this mortal life. Last but not the least, it will also try to bring about a change in the perception we carry about so-called Death, the fear associated with it and satisfy the curiosity regarding the afterlife.

This is Renuka. I am a psychic medium and a clairvoyant. I assist in communicating with the other world. I work under strict rules and guidelines given by my Masters SHRI SAI BABA OF SHIRDI and AVATAR MEHER BABA.

All that I do is my service to them.

Sai Meher

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