A departed son reaches out to his sad father!

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Kavya’s email to me : “My friend Karan is in hell missing his 23 year old son that died suddenly 4 yrs ago on xx/xx/xxxx. He doesn’t want to live. I would like to know if his son Miral can reach out to him and comfort him, Let him know he’s alright and that someday they will be together! What can I do to help him in his grief! He needs his son to reach out to him in the spiritual world that he’s living in! Thank u so much!!! Kavya!”

His son’s reply :  “hey dad, don’t be sad, don’t you know I am with you most of the time, don’t you feel me by your side, why worry when we are together, please don’t lose hope, there is so much in store for you still, I have a beautiful life here, don’t be sad for me, please trust this message, i have worked hard to get to you this way, don’t let me down if you really love me, get up and face life with me by your side, so what  if you can’t see me, you sure do feel me besides you, try and get out of this pain, i promise we will meet again in this beautiful world with no problems and pains of this world.” Miral.