About Prayers….!!!

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Hello everyone….I have been meaning to write about prayer and its importance in our lives spiritual or otherwise. It is said prayer’s connect you to the source. Evrything said in the prayers reach the source if the intent is pure and honest. Often people pray when they are weak, vulnerable or in difficulties…..when in reality, prayers can also help us to go inside and find the source of strength dormant within each of us. At times of difficulties, they are said in the hope of being released of our troubles…..in happy times we wish to convey gratitude and then in other times, when we pray for others….we show our love in a most pure form.

They say if you pray in the same place, you will build pure and strong vibrations in that place. Ofcourse, it is OK to pray in any place. but if you choose just one place the good vibrations will reflect back to you and this will help you greatly. Faith matters most. A prayer said with a strong faith is answered in no time.

Khorshed Bhavnagri In her book “Laws of the spirit world” says “When you pray, your thoughts, word and feelings travel to the spirit world in the form of a ray of light. We, in the spirit world can see millions and millions of rays of light travelling from earth towards us. The brightness or the strength of each ray of light depends on the sincerity and urgency of each prayer. God has chosen good souls in the spirit world to work with him and help him answer prayers. These spirit souls are specially trained with respect to answering human calls for help. To answer a prayer, these souls send positive rays of light back to the person on Earth. That is why the word prayer consists of the word ray. Prayers are, essentially, positive rays of light.”

Hope this post encourages you to pray and connect with the source.