Erik on Karmas and Auras

Our immense joy to announce the association of Channelingspiritworld with Elisa, founder and owner of, a blog owned and run by Erik Medhus’s mom.In this video, Elisa, Erik and Renuka discuss on the often misunderstood topic of Karmas and Auras.All about Channeling Erik “On October 6, 2009, my 20-year-old son Erik, took his own life. Since that sad and … Read More

She Speaks To The Dead: An Interview With Renuka

Hi Friends, I was recently interviewed by and the about my work with Baba, Karl and Erik. Here’s an excerpt: “Here she tells us about her experiences as an auto writer and how she came across spirits like Karl, Eric and her spiritual leader Meher Baba, who is widely referred to as ‘Avatar’ in India.” Click on … Read More

Spiritual Retreats!

Hey Guys! Channeling Spirit World is excited to announce a new venture: Spiritual Retreat! 🙂 A unique way of learning with fun. 🙂 A special 2 day retreat to let your light shine brighter. The event will be filled with fun activities, incredible experiences and guidance from Masters Meher Baba, Sai Baba and guides Karl Umrigar and Erik Medhus. Join … Read More

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Enjoy this post. “Pray to Baba. He will make it happen.” Rahul’s Question: Should I take things forward with the same girl or wait for the person that you indicated would come into my life? Also, my family has seen two prospects but I don’t like either of them. Please advise. ERIK’S REPLY: Rahul, the girl … Read More

Ankita’s concern for her love life.

  Question: When will I get married? I met a guy coincidentally on 3rd December. I really love him now. I wanted to ask about our connection?  What does he think about me? Will we ever date or have a future as I really want to see my future with him. I think destiny made us meet each other. ERIK’S … Read More

Merry X’mas!

Merry X’mas Everyone! Enjoy this lovely message between a mother and her son in the spirit world. Henna’s e-mail: I know I am writing to you after a long time, but not a moment goes when I don’t remember you. You will be happy to know that Chaya is engaged and the wedding is on 3rd April. You cannot imagine … Read More

“I want to go for long meditation courses but have health concerns.”

Anuja’s email regarding her health during a meditation course. Question: I have tried a lot but I cannot eat food properly during a meditation course. Is this some kind of sanskara? What is it exactly? Will I be able to come out of this problem soon as i want to go for long courses of  meditation. ERIK’S REPLY: Don’t eat when … Read More

Kartik on his strengths and marriage.

Question: Can I feed the poor? What are my strengths and please advise about my marriage? ERIK’S REPLY: No distributions for now. Just help the needy and poor in your own way. Don’t give away anything which is scarce with you. Your strengths are discipline, love for Masters and obedience. These you do have but you do not know how … Read More

Shashank’s query regarding his dreams.

Question: Please tell me the meaning of my dreams? And how to interpret them? Please advise me on how to deal with my parents? ERIK’S REPLY: No, just note them down and ask Baba to guide you with the meaning. It’s very subtle. Try and close your eyes, repeat the dream in front of you, go through the details and … Read More

Yogita’s email regarding her parents and Masters.

Question: Please advise about my mother. Should I stay with my parents? What is my Master’s work for me and how can I prepare for it? ERIK’S REPLY: Give her love and time and explain to her the ill effects of the energy thrown at her. Speak to her and she will be helped. Don’t stay with them. Be very … Read More