Questions from Rajesh regarding his Guru and work.

Question: What is my calling and who is my guide and Guru? How would the life span out for my children ? I have gone through a rough patch in the last 3 – 4 years, how does the year 2015 look like and would the deal (we are working towards) go through? Erik’s reply: Rajesh, your Guru has come … Read More

Emma’s hope for her family.

Question: As per your advise, I am trying hard to remain positive and I am following the doctor’s advise as well. However, I am tired, one after the other my treatment doesn’t seem to stop. I want a normal pregnancy. Please help. Knowing what has happened in the last couple of months, I wish to know if chances are still … Read More

Ritika asking for spiritual guidance.

Question: Am I meant to serve my Masters? which Master do I pray to and what daily practices should I do? Please advise. Erik’s reply: Ritika, you will serve them, how, when, where is still not decided, it will come to you at the right time.  Prayers to all of them, meditations chanting and asking Devi to be with you … Read More

Questions about a haunted house.

  Question: Hi Erik and Renuka! Since the day we have shifted to this house, I have been having negative experiences through dreams and real life. In dreams in particular, earlier I used to see my mom as a ghost/negative spirit scaring me. Earlier this year, I saw a woman dressed in white, laughing at me. I really want to … Read More

Sushma’s e-mail about her houses.

  Question: We bought 2 apartments a few years ago and now the price is almost half and we don’t know what to do? Should we sell them or keep them although it’s difficult for us to keep them due to financial difficulty.                              I’ll appreciate your … Read More

“When your heart is happy and at peace..”

Questions And Answers

  Manisha’s e-mail: I was a working professional but i chose to shift my focus to my child since my husband was busy with his work. Gradually his business expanded and he travelled often. In order to help him, I started looking into trivial business matters. But not having the aptitude nor interest, I ended up making mistakes and feeling … Read More

“Prayers for her soul will help her grow here…”

Girish’s Questions for his family: Is my wife in the spirit world or has she reincarnated? Is she at peace? Does she visit us often? How is my son’s future health-wise? How will my daughter progress in life in terms of marriage and career? ERIK’S MESSAGE: Your wife is with BABA and is at peace. Yes, she often visits family. … Read More

She is affected by negative energy.

Kunal’s concern for his relative and house. Kunal’s e-mail: My uncle’s daughter Pooja feels that she has been possessed by an evil spirit. We took her to a very spiritually inclined person who will help her lead a normal life; however,  I want to know if she will be alright and by when. My wife and I wish to purchase … Read More


  Hi, I have recently commenced my spiritual journey. It was all new for me, and I have recently received messages from my spirit guides through you. I want to take a step further. I have many questions popping in my head which I know can be answered by them. Could you please tell me exactly how I should proceed? … Read More

“You may be able to hear her, if you sit in silence.”

Hi, I would like to ask Erik about my sister Anne. I think about her often and feel that I have a big gap in my life even though I don’t have any memory of her.  I would like to know if she or my spirit guides have any messages for me. Also, I often find it so hard to … Read More