“What is Meher Baba’s advise?”

Mrunal’s e-mail to me. Question: I have found out about my wife’s disloyalty. She is asking for forgiveness now. What is Meher Baba’s advice? If I get a good job out of town, should I join or stay here for family? Please also advise regarding my spiritual growth?   ERIK’S MESSAGE: Forgive her. Give her another chance but make it … Read More

“Come for channeling, as not much can be explained from here…”

Question 1: I have been jobless for the last few years. Will I ever work again as I have lost confidence, independence, everything. Question 2: I am having a really troubled family life. It is a complete mess, courtesy in-laws. There is also this feeling I get when I am around my sis-in-law. At the moment, life is a disaster. … Read More

“Will we all ever stay together?”

Question: I am about to get divorced this year. I have always yearned for a true life partner in life, but haven’t got it. Will I ever get married to the woman of my choice in future? My ex-wife blamed me as being unfit. I think I am all fine, do I really have any problem? I love my family … Read More

“Very excited to hear from my dad.”

Hi Renuka and Erik, Thank you so much for helping me. I am going to try to tune into my happiness more and get myself out of the hole I am in. Regarding my dad, I would be thrilled if you could contact him.  I want to know if he is around me and my family, and if he knows … Read More

Is it my destiny to be an actress?

  Question: Will I become a successful film actress on my terms and conditions? What is my connection with this man? Should I move out of my parent’s house and stay elsewhere? Thank You.   ERIK’S REPLY: Meneka, your career is not moving and you know that. It’s not your destiny to be successful in this field. You yourself know that … Read More

The quest for peace of mind.

  Hello Erik, I have a few queries. 1) Previously, I had asked about my brother. We are worried about his future and married life. 2) I am always there to solve their problems. But then, I also get disturbed. Till when will this continue?  If I think about myself then I feel that I am selfish. But this is happening since childhood. … Read More

Anxiety about Marriage.

Priti’s concern:  We have adopted all methods to find the prospective match. How will the prospective partner be found? Matrimonial Agency, Newspaper, Website, through interactions at work, through common friends or through relatives? Please guide us to find a good match for myself by telling us something about this person and his family – The initials of his name? Date of … Read More

Questions from a confused Rahul..

Questions: I have not had a normal life so far. Currently, I am trying to find a purpose and the path that I should take for this life. Please guide me to be on the right path and to find my purpose. Work life: I have worked in an IT industry in the past. Should I look for a job … Read More

“Sometimes I feel really disinterested in material things.”

  Question: Last time Erik told me that my guides and Baba are happy with my progress. Could you help me connect with my Guides and Baba for specific guidance on my Spiritual progress? Can I communicate with them in some manner? I do understand that we have free will here on earth, however; is there any specific work that … Read More

“Sniff a thanks to me..”

Hey Erik, What up ?! I’m not really sure which friendship you’re referring to? Sniffing powers not working. Is it Anuj or Piyush or someone else altogether? ERIK’S MESSAGE: Charul, it’s Anuj and when you sniff that is when the sniffing powers are back. Sniff a thanks to me, have done a big deal by revealing this. Be careful! Not for you, … Read More