Awesome Erik on love and religion issues!!!

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Nandini’s email to me :

the thing is that i am in a relationship and i ve been crazy since like friend liked him too from the same time.. he was always confused between us. he was with her for some time but obviously that dint work. later we were together again and i left him because he was not serious .. and now when I am with him, i just feel scared what if he has to go away for work and the recent isssue that he is a muslim and i dont believe in religion his family might not accept me later.


Erik’s reply : “”its your mind again Nandini, which is troubling you in having such thoughts both about your parents and your lover, see when you are in a realtionship and so much in love , you always have this fear of losing someone, your lovers past also does not help you to move on, he has moved on from a previous girl friend to you, so you feel he will do the same with you, but again that is what your mind feels and you have to control it to have more positive thoughts, i cant reveal the future of your relationship, but i can tell you that with positivity and positive affirmation, you can direct it in a way you want, have positive intent and visualisation, always visualize him and you getting married and you will see, it works, that is if you really want him for keeps, or you can visualize always being with him happy and content, this positivity will help you with this relationship, and all your fears and insecurities will go away, also about your parents again it depends on you, how muh you let them affect you, if you create a shield around you, their negativity and fears wont affect you, you can practice mediation and visualisations for this, learn to visualize very intensive day dreams, practice meditation, stilling your mind, once its calm, no amount of negativity and fear will affect it, and all your phobias will go away, remember i told you before, the secret is to control your mind and direct it in the way you want your life to go in, if you can do that, i m sure you will have no problems dealing with fears and insecurities in your life, shield yourself from all the negative people and situations, learn to do this, there are may techniques and you will be protected, all the best Erik.”