She Speaks To The Dead: An Interview With Renuka

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Hi Friends,

I was recently interviewed by and the about my work with Baba, Karl and Erik.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Here she tells us about her experiences as an auto writer and how she came across spirits like Karl, Eric and her spiritual leader Meher Baba, who is widely referred to as ‘Avatar’ in India.”

Click on the link above to read the complete article.

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Spiritual Retreats!

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Hey Guys!

Channeling Spirit World is excited to announce a new venture: Spiritual Retreat! 🙂

A unique way of learning with fun. 🙂

A special 2 day retreat to let your light shine brighter.

The event will be filled with fun activities, incredible experiences and guidance from Masters Meher Baba, Sai Baba and guides Karl Umrigar and Erik Medhus.

Join us on this very inspiring spiritual retreat from 3-5 March 2017.

Renuka: +91 9921089586

For any further enquiries please contact the above mentioned person.

Happy New Year!

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Happy New Year everyone!

Enjoy this post.

“Pray to Baba. He will make it happen.”

Rahul’s Question:

Should I take things forward with the same girl or wait for the person that you indicated would come into my life? Also, my family has seen two prospects but I don’t like either of them.
Please advise.

Rahul, the girl in question is not willing to marry and is only buying time for herself to be sure.
It’s a game she plays with herself as well as with you. Don’t waste your time with her and see for other matches.
You should get married by this year and you have to work towards it and pray to Baba. He will make it happen. Also, please visualise yourself as married every morning, it will help. The girl who is there for you is a Baba lover and will be very close to Baba.
Pray to Baba to make you meet her soon.
All the best.

Ankita’s concern for her love life.

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Question: When will I get married? I met a guy coincidentally on 3rd December. I really love him now. I wanted to ask about our connection?  What does he think about me? Will we ever date or have a future as I really want to see my future with him. I think destiny made us meet each other.
ERIK’S REPLY: He is over you. Your dreams are your subconscious desires. Don’t follow him all the time. This is the most I can advise you, if you want him as more than a friend.
Marriage I don’t see, he is not the way you think. He is different. He is not dating anyone and also he is not indeed into you. He is just being polite and that’s all. Don’t force him or he will get rubbed off.

Merry X’mas!

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Merry X’mas Everyone!
Enjoy this lovely message between a mother and her son in the spirit world.
Henna’s e-mail: I know I am writing to you after a long time, but not a moment goes when I don’t remember you. You will be happy to know that Chaya is engaged and the wedding is on 3rd April. You cannot imagine how much I miss you.
Every time there is some ritual to be performed by a brother, my heart cries out. Is there any way you can let me know that you are there to bless her?
Can you let me know how I can identify you? (The way Karl blessed his sister) I spoke to your friends to inform them of the good news and everybody misses you. I do feel relieved to see Papa smile but he will be back to being sad once Chaya goes. I wish I could do something to turn back the clock and bring you back. I will always love you and miss you ever so much. Your birthday is coming and as I do every year, I will celebrate it with the children in my school.
Mummy, I know you are happy. Don’t let my absence take this happiness away. I will be present and Chaya will know too.
Rituals or no rituals I will be there all the time taking part in all occasions. Don’t tell papa anything about it, he gets upset. I will give you a sign. I just want you to trust that I will be there, only then will you be able to recognize the sign I send you. If you are not sure, you can always ask Renuka. I will give you a sign which will be my style and you will not fail to recognize it.

“I want to go for long meditation courses but have health concerns.”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Anuja’s email regarding her health during a meditation course.
Question: I have tried a lot but I cannot eat food properly during a meditation course.
Is this some kind of sanskara? What is it exactly?
Will I be able to come out of this problem soon as i want to go for long courses of  meditation.
ERIK’S REPLY: Don’t eat when you can’t and take along what you like to eat with you. Your body just craves something different than what is fed during the course. There is no sanskara here. If you are allowed to take your own food, it will help. You can always put up a sincere request. Try this once and decide this for yourself.
All the best.

Kartik on his strengths and marriage.

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Question: Can I feed the poor? What are my strengths and please advise about my marriage?

No distributions for now. Just help the needy and poor in your own way.
Don’t give away anything which is scarce with you.
Your strengths are discipline, love for Masters and obedience. These you do have but you do not know how to use them for your growth thus using them is your choice.
They want you to get married but to the right person and if this person does not come along, They will warn you and you will do well not to get married at all. Before taking any decision or choice, ask Baba very clearly.

Shashank’s query regarding his dreams.

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Question: Please tell me the meaning of my dreams?
And how to interpret them? Please advise me on how to deal with my parents?

No, just note them down and ask Baba to guide you with the meaning.

It’s very subtle. Try and close your eyes, repeat the dream in front of you, go through the details and wait for the meaning to come to you.
It will come if you are connected. If not, you have to continue and see that you are guided.
Regarding your parents, don’t tell them anything. Baba will deal with them. Just say yes to what they have to say but do what Baba wants you to do.

Yogita’s email regarding her parents and Masters.

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Question: Please advise about my mother. Should I stay with my parents?
What is my Master’s work for me and how can I prepare for it?

Give her love and time and explain to her the ill effects of the energy thrown at her. Speak to her and she will be helped.
Don’t stay with them. Be very clear of your choice with your parents.
Just pray and take a first step. Master will help, They will help through you and be in the moment.
Yogita, patience as well as preparation, two words for you. Be very positive. Don’t let hurdles affect you. Have faith. They will not let you get stuck. Be with Them in thoughts, deeds and words and you will always be guided.

Questions from Rajesh regarding his Guru and work.

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Question: What is my calling and who is my guide and Guru?
How would the life span out for my children ?
I have gone through a rough patch in the last 3 – 4 years, how does the year 2015 look like and would the deal (we are working towards) go through?

Erik’s reply: Rajesh, your Guru has come in your dreams, I hope you get the hint.

You don’t need to worry, you will not see them leaving their body.

Year 2015 will go like the one before. I see some change in the month of October though. The deal is not worth going ahead with. It will not result into anything you expect from it.

Emma’s hope for her family.

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Question: As per your advise, I am trying hard to remain positive and I am following the doctor’s advise as well. However, I am tired, one after the other my treatment doesn’t seem to stop. I want a normal pregnancy. Please help.
Knowing what has happened in the last couple of months, I wish to know if chances are still high for me to conceive by June this year?
My hubby wants to explore Mumbai city and settle there with in laws. Do you see it happening and is it good for us?
ERIK’S REPLY: Go for the treatment and take second opinion, you will see results.
It’s tough and if it happens, things will take a lot of time to take shape.

Ritika asking for spiritual guidance.

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Question: Am I meant to serve my Masters?
which Master do I pray to and what daily practices should I do? Please advise.

Erik’s reply: Ritika, you will serve them, how, when, where is still not decided, it will come to you at the right time. 

Prayers to all of them, meditations chanting and asking Devi to be with you and never leave you and being in the moment. Masters say, They are guiding your soul, so all that you feel you should do, you should. Follow your heart and in turn They will guide you best.

Questions about a haunted house.

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Question: Hi Erik and Renuka! Since the day we have shifted to this house, I have been having negative experiences through dreams and real life. In dreams in particular, earlier I used to see my mom as a ghost/negative spirit scaring me. Earlier this year, I saw a woman dressed in white, laughing at me. I really want to understand if all of these are just my thoughts or my curiousity about afterlife or is there really something negative in my house? Based on this, we need to take a decision to change the house.
Also, my family and I are concerned about my marriage. My younger brother who got married last year got divorced this year. Is this all happening because of this house?
I am in love with a guy I know. We have had an on and off relationship. We are not talking to each other currently, but somehow my mind and heart just belong to him. I am trying hard to just let him go and move on. Do you see him with me in future?
I really need your help and guidance!
ERIK’S REPLY: This house is haunted. It is not your imagination. Enquire about it’s history and you will know. It’s your choice to shift or have it cleansed. What happens in your life is not because of this but yes your health can get affected.

Marriage, you should get married by this year end if you keep an open heart and move on from that guy, as he is not into you and has made up his mind about someone else. It’s important that you realize this and stop waiting and be open for another man in your life if you actually want to get married.

Your bother, you knew it was a mistake right from the start. It’s his life and he won’t listen to you in any case, so, just pray for him.
You have more questions about your life and state of mind. Ask, I will be glad to help.
Take care,                                                   Erik.

Sushma’s e-mail about her houses.

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Question: We bought 2 apartments a few years ago and now the price is almost half and we don’t know what to do? Should we sell them or keep them although it’s difficult for us to keep them due to financial difficulty.                              I’ll appreciate your reply.
In his service.

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Don’t keep both of them. Keep both on sale and sell the one which fetches you better returns. It’s important. You have financial liquidity rather than investments. Keep one and try and be very strict with the proceeds of the one you sell. Don’t let it go waste in things which are not worthwhile.

“When your heart is happy and at peace..”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Manisha’s e-mail: I was a working professional but i chose to shift my focus to my child since my husband was busy with his work.
Gradually his business expanded and he travelled often. In order to help him, I started looking into trivial business matters. But not having the aptitude nor interest, I ended up making mistakes and feeling frustrated.
My aim in this life is to help him out and look after him and his family; however, my disinterest in his business creates problems.
Please help.

ERIK’S REPLY: Manisha, have patience. You are right, its your duty to look after his family. But you won’t be able to help him if you are not happy with yourself. Yes, the family is your responsibility but the business is his. You should help him there if you are happy doing it, else not. Do what makes you happy not what makes him happy. When your heart is happy and at peace, only then will you be able to do things correctly. Let someone else help him.
Don’t worry.
Soon, something will work out for you.


“Prayers for her soul will help her grow here…”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Girish’s Questions for his family: Is my wife in the spirit world or has she reincarnated? Is she at peace? Does she visit us often?
How is my son’s future health-wise?
How will my daughter progress in life in terms of marriage and career?

Your wife is with BABA and is at peace. Yes, she often visits family. She can be contacted after three months of her passing away. Prayers for her soul will help her grow here.
Your son has crossed his test where health is concerned. He will be well but strict discipline and regular check-ups are a must. He has to adopt holistic healing for a balanced approach. Also, he should get into prayers and meditation to calm his mind, which will help his health.
Your daughter can do better. Her choices are not from the right perspective. She will do well with administrative and counselling careers. She is good at motivating. She should concentrate on PR related jobs too. It will help her. Marriage is not on her mind. It will take time and should happen as per her wish and will.

She is affected by negative energy.

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Kunal’s concern for his relative and house.
Kunal’s e-mail: My uncle’s daughter Pooja feels that she has been possessed by an evil spirit. We took her to a very spiritually inclined person who will help her lead a normal life; however,  I want to know if she will be alright and by when.
My wife and I wish to purchase a property in Goa, please advise by when will this happen. Our family house is in dispute. Please advise by when will we have our own house?
ERIK’S REPLY: She is affected by a negative energy, yes but she is not open to help. It’s her choices which have made her vulnerable. She should be helped by someone who knows better about such things.
In the next few years.
The dispute will take time but it will be favorable.


Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


I have recently commenced my spiritual journey. It was all new for me, and I have recently received messages from my spirit guides through you. I want to take a step further. I have many questions popping in my head which I know can be answered by them.
Could you please tell me exactly how I should proceed? I have read the books, ‘Laws of the Spirit World’ and a bit of ‘Sounds of Silence’ as you had suggested. Also, I am considering learning automatic writing. So, I would like your guidance in this regards.


MESSAGE: Please read ‘Sounds of Silence’ and then ‘Listening to the Silence’.

Until you don’t read books on the subject and don’t have thorough knowledge of what this field is all about, you will be misled by your own mind.

Meditation daily at the same spot and same time will help you to raise your awareness and consiousness. Your communication with your guides will also increase through meditation and you will be able to connect with your inner self which will help you to take right decisions in your life.

So, for the time being read books, meditate, maintain silence in mind and word both, and raise your consiousness. Then, we will take it from there.

Also, automatic writing is not to be learned but a natural gift and if you have that gift, you will be led to it at the right time.


“You may be able to hear her, if you sit in silence.”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

I would like to ask Erik about my sister Anne. I think about her often and feel that I have a big gap in my life even though I don’t have any memory of her.  I would like to know if she or my spirit guides have any messages for me.
Also, I often find it so hard to engage and wonder if they could tell me anything about this.  I have been on a bit of a spiritual journey recently and do wonder if I’m on the right path.  I am also considering going back to college but am unsure whether now is the right time. Please advise.

Dear Agathe,
Yes, your sister loves you deeply. She is trying to connect but you are not so open which makes you feel there is a gap. Also your guides know this and are already trying to guide you.

Agathe, you can go to college and get some more quaifications. Remember, there is always a good time when your heart asks you to do something. You have to be very clear of your objectives of going back to college before doing so. Don’t rush, but listen to your heart not your head.  Keep yourself open to your guides. Meditate, call out to them to guide you to your destiny.

Try and respect your own wishes.
Don’t give in to the expectation of others. Your sister would love to communicate but this is not the right time. You may be able to hear her, if you sit in silence and meditate. Try and be more concerned about your own wishes first and then others. You will do good.
Love, Karl


“What is Meher Baba’s advise?”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Mrunal’s e-mail to me.

Question: I have found out about my wife’s disloyalty. She is asking for forgiveness now. What is Meher Baba’s advice?
If I get a good job out of town, should I join or stay here for family? Please also advise regarding my spiritual growth?

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Forgive her. Give her another chance but make it clear that if this continues and she takes you for granted, you will divorce her and there will be no hiding as you have sources to guide you now.

Stay in town and search for a job, you will get something good there too.

Prayers and also meditation.
These two things for now.
Come for channeling as and when you can so that you can be guided better.



“Come for channeling, as not much can be explained from here…”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Question 1: I have been jobless for the last few years. Will I ever work again as I have lost confidence, independence, everything.

Question 2: I am having a really troubled family life. It is a complete mess, courtesy in-laws. There is also this feeling I get when I am around my sis-in-law. At the moment, life is a disaster. A lot of humiliation.

Question 3: I am practising auto writing from this year. I have clear alphabet formation but nothing is making sense. Am I going the right way?

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Priya, the problems are because you have been made to suffer intentionally and you have not been able to come out of this influence. Your in-laws want you and your husband seperated, especially, your sister-in-law. This, your husband will never accept. He loves you but mis-understandings have taken a toll on your relationship. Pray to Baba daily to help you come out of this.

Come for channeling, as not much can be explained from here.
Go out and take up anything which comes your way. Weather it is as per your qualifications or not, important is that you move out of that house.

Rest, Baba will help only if you pray daily. Until you meet Renuka, make sure you pray for protection too.
For your writing, same energy stops you from moving ahead. This link should be renewed. Ask for a link again from here. I will get you connected. Send details of your previous link too. It will help us renew it.

“Will we all ever stay together?”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Question: I am about to get divorced this year. I have always yearned for a true life partner in life, but haven’t got it. Will I ever get married to the woman of my choice in future?
My ex-wife blamed me as being unfit. I think I am all fine, do I really have any problem?
I love my family and I try my best to keep them happy. I hope my parents have a long life and we all live together. In the recent past, my divorce and my sister’s marriage has got my parents really worried. Will we all ever stay together as a happy family?


ERIK’S MESSAGE: Yes. Wait for three years before taking a decision regarding the second marriage.
Yes. No issues.
Yes. Talk to them. They will be at peace. Explain yourself and promise you will do your best to get settled down and help your sister get settled too.
They will be ok.

“Very excited to hear from my dad.”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Hi Renuka and Erik,

Thank you so much for helping me. I am going to try to tune into my happiness more and get myself out of the hole I am in.
Regarding my dad, I would be thrilled if you could contact him.  I want to know if he is around me and my family, and if he knows how much I have always loved and adored him. All these years I have missed him in my life.
Thank you for this. I am very excited to hear from him.
Many blessings and peace.
MESSAGE: Michelle, so glad we could connect. I miss you too and your mom too. I have done my best to reach out to both of you and here we are connecting. I am there around and you do feel me, don’t you? I have sure made everything possible here too. You were impressed to get in touch. I promise I am going to be around your mom as much. You know, I love that house and I want you to be happy.  There’s nothing that you can’t handle. Quit worrying about things that are just temporary. Have a clear mind and clear goals and work towards them. I know past few months have been tough but things can get better. Just try to look at them in a different way. Detach from your emotions and decide what is the best way for you from now on. I bless you with happiness and peace. Don’t worry, everything will be alright.
I love you.
Bye, dad.

Hope this helps.

Is it my destiny to be an actress?

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Question: Will I become a successful film actress on my terms and conditions?
What is my connection with this man?
Should I move out of my parent’s house and stay elsewhere?
Thank You.


ERIK’S REPLY: Meneka, your career is not moving and you know that. It’s not your destiny to be successful in this field. You yourself know that it’s a lost cause, so why prolong it?
Why not try for something that really gives you the success that you deserve? Being an actress and keeping up with the showbiz is not easy. Moreover; its not your destiny. Try something which will make you happy doing it.
Your connection with that man is of a past life where you both were friends first and then went on to become lovers. This relationship with him in the present lifetime is not possible. You know the reason. But the past life connection attracts you to each other. Remember, it can get tricky. Stay away if you can or be prepared for some complications later.

The quest for peace of mind.

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Hello Erik,

I have a few queries.

1) Previously, I had asked about my brother. We are worried about his future and married life.
2) I am always there to solve their problems. But then, I also get disturbed. Till when will this continue?  If I think about myself then I feel that I am selfish. But this is happening since childhood. By when will I be free from this bondage?
3) Please guide me to find peace of mind. Is there any future for me? My enthusiasm towards life is diminishing. I see no hope to live further.

ERIK’S MESSAGE:  Swati, all that happens is Divine will and destiny, worrying will never help you. Just pray for your brother and hope for the best. There is nothing more you can do about it anyway.

You are not selfish when you think about yourself. You are selfish when you think only about yourself. Since that is not the case with you, it’s important that you think about your own life and settle down. You have done a lot for your family. Now it’s time you look after yourself.

Plan out a life for yourself, the way you want it and then, go about achieving it. Don’t think about anyone else. Everyone is responsible for their own life. So, do that for yourself now.

Your problems will end only when you allow them to end. It depends on you and not others to end your problems. Actually it’s how you take it. Be strong, be detached, don’t let anything affect your peace of mind. Turn towards spirituality, do meditations and maintain silence in mind which will help you to know yourself better. Sit with nature. It will heal you too.

You have a future. Only you should be open to it and positive about it.
Pray to Meher Baba. He will listen to you and get your life back on track.
All the best.



Anxiety about Marriage.

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Priti’s concern:  We have adopted all methods to find the prospective match. How will the prospective partner be found? Matrimonial Agency, Newspaper, Website, through interactions at work, through common friends or through relatives?
Please guide us to find a good match for myself by telling us something about this person and his family – The initials of his name? Date of birth? Profession? Place of work? Education and character?
Is there any black magic done on me which is delaying my marriage?

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Through relatives.
It will happen, don’t worry.
Cannot reveal.
I just know that this one will be in front of you and you should be aware and not dismiss him and be very open and flexible if you want to get married.

Questions from a confused Rahul..

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Questions: I have not had a normal life so far. Currently, I am trying to find a purpose and the path that I should take for this life. Please guide me to be on the right path and to find my purpose.

Work life: I have worked in an IT industry in the past. Should I look for a job in the IT industry or any other industry? Which industry? When will I find a job? Or start my own business? If yes, when?

Personal Life: I am divorced, living alone. Now I need a companion. So, I have created a profile on the matrimonial portal. When am I likely to get married? What kind of person will she be? Any other advise.

Spiritual life: I have a deep interest in spirituality. So, please tell me what is my spiritual purpose in this life?

ERIK’S REPLY: Look for a job in the IT industry itself, you will have a job. Just do what you get for now. You need to be busy to keep your mind busy. Once you are in that mode, you will get opportunities and then, you can choose what you get. Remember, just have a job and start working no matter what. It should be it but if you happen to get any other job just accept it and try to be busy. Once you are at it, try and look for your opportunities and see whether something else interests you in any way. Then explore it without leaving your job. Once you are confident about your options, you can leave your job and do what appeals to you.

You will meet someone in a year.
Not through those sites.
Try and see where it goes and do not rush into it.
See if that is what you want. Only when you are very sure, go for it and have a relationship to know what is it that you want from it. Also, if you want to get married, you will attract a good partner only if you are positive.
You know you are deserving. Drive away all the thoughts that make you feel you are not worth it.
Just give it some time.

“Sometimes I feel really disinterested in material things.”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Question: Last time Erik told me that my guides and Baba are happy with my progress.
Could you help me connect with my Guides and Baba for specific guidance on my Spiritual progress? Can I communicate with them in some manner?
I do understand that we have free will here on earth, however; is there any specific work that I had intended to do here? Sometimes I feel really disinterested in material things. But still feel that I need to do something.
Please help.
Love and regards,
ERIK’S MESSAGE: You can connect with your guides through meditaton and silence but don’t go overboard. Just connect with them in the mornings and try to make the best choices for your soul. Also, you can send questions here and I can address them to your guides.
Don’t worry about your path. You will be walking it soon along with your wife. Just have patience and try and lead a simple virtuous life. That’s all that Master wants from you now.

“Sniff a thanks to me..”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Hey Erik,

What up ?! I’m not really sure which friendship you’re referring to? Sniffing powers not working. Is it Anuj or Piyush or someone else altogether?

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Charul, it’s Anuj and when you sniff that is when the sniffing powers are back. Sniff a thanks to me, have done a big deal by revealing this.
Be careful! Not for you, this guy.
Hope this helps.

“Your father has reincarnated. Pray for his soul.”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Hi Renuka,

I really need to talk to papa.
Please help.
Got your reference from a friend.

MESSAGE: Bhavika, your father has reincarnated long time back. It was his destiny to go as he did.
Your questions can be adressed to me. I can help but contacting your father now is not possible as he has reincarnated and is living his life. Pray for his soul and don’t have any regrets for him as it will affect him in this new life.
– Erik


“Even simple things end up going wrong.”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Question: I am in a job I like and I don’t seem to be able to get through a day where something dosen’t go wrong. I check my work and try my utmost to get things right and impress. Even simple things that I have done end up going wrong. It’s like someone has come and messed up with it. There is one particular person who is rude to me and has tried to make things difficult for me. I want to complain about her. I feel a lot of pain due to this as well as other things going on in my life.

I seem to get this a lot in my life and situation is repeated in my relationship with my mother. No matter how much I try, it is not good enough. I am treated badly by her. It seems like she hates me.
Can you please take a look and help me with this? I don’t have any friends and so don’t have anyone to talk this over with. I think my heart is breaking while I am trying to hold everything together.


ERIK’S MESSAGE: Anjali, I know what you mean. With your colleague, it will take only some stiff resistance and not allowing her to walk over you by being very firm and polite. Talk to her and ask her to stay out of your way. That should do it. If not, give her sometime and see if she still makes you miserable and don’t worry about the job. It will not go but make sure you work towards this.

About your mother, it’s her own mind which is responsible for the way she behaves with you. Let’s not judge her and just explain to her politely your boundaries. Keep her out of contact as much as possible. Do it gradually and just stay in touch on the surface. No more sharing with her. It only troubles you more. All the best. Don’t give up.

There is much you can look forward to, I promise you that.

“Busy looking after everyone..”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Question: I have been busy looking after everyone around me. Everyone has grown and found their purpose but I am left behind. Sometimes I feel lost.
At present, I am not in India but will move back soon. What job should I do?
I have been in a relationship with a guy for many years. Will this relation stay? Is he loyal to me?
Thank you so much for giving me time.
God bless.

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Arpita, your purpose has been achieved in looking after the family, now the soul needs to be taken care of.
For this, look inside your self and find your calling. You can always confirm with us about it. You also have a slight hint. Remember, it should be from within the soul. Look inside, recognise it and confirm it. We will help you be confident but the recognition should come from you. After coming to India, you will be able to do this. Arpita, you know it’s not going anywhere and he will not stay. Follow your instincts and stay detached. Him being loyal is a tricky question as you know it’s not possible in his situation. Rest is your choice. Remember the connections here will serve purpose only if you are unconditional towards them and give them your best without expecting anything from them.

Guidance with love life, finances, general, past lives.

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Question: Hi! I would love to know what Erik has to tell me? I would like to know any guidance with my love life, finances, general, or my past lives. If he could help with any of this, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Kim, sorry for the delay.
Well, I can point out one important thing in your life right now and that is the relationship with your own self which is suffering as you blame yourself for others fault.

You are a good soul and you always try to be on the right side of the coin. All in all, I want you to be confident and give yourself the benefit of doubt which you give others.

Also, your love life is not what you think. It will improve. There is hope there and I want you to carry on for more time and see where it goes. You might get cofused as to what I am referring to. Think hard, you will know. Rest, you are a bright girl and know where your priorities lie. Working towards them with discipline will always help you.


“I am with you in spirit.”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Question: Hi!  It is my mother I wish to contact.
My name is Elizabeth.
Thank you so very much! 🙂


MESSAGE: Elizabeth, don’t give up child. So what if I am not there with you in body, I am with you in spirit like always. Don’t give up. Don’t doubt yourself. Don’t go for anything less than you deserve and you will get what you desire and wish for. Remember I taught you always to go after what your heart really wants. Don’t stop now. Don’t get discouraged. I am still there supporting and believing in your dreams. You are not alone, I am there looking after you. As for me, I am happy here. Don’t be sad for me. I am more alive than before and enjoying this very much. Miss you all. Try and be happy for me or it makes me miserable to see you all down like this.
Cheer up. 🙂

“Start by helping others and spreading happiness”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World

Question: What is the aim of my life? What should I do to be on the right path? How can I live my life in a more productive way?
ERIK’S MESSAGE : First of all, start taking care of your soul. This you can do by meditating and keeping silence for atleast twenty minutes every day. Also, if you have to do something productive, start by helping others and spreading happiness. This is productive my friend.

“Your contract is going good but very slow.”

Channeling Spirit World Channeling Spirit World


Question: Thank you so much for getting in touch with my brother!
Would it be possible for you to channel Erik so that he can help me understand some things going on in my life? In the last message, my brother mentioned that I need to be very discreet about future plans and not get into unnecessary trouble. Are any of these things related to upcoming events in my career or personal life? In the past, I have struggled with some areas of my life, and I really want to get things right.
Am I on the right path with regards to my contract/things I am supposed to accomplish here?
Any help you can give would be so very appreciated!


ERIK’S MESSAGE: The plans I am talking about here are personal. Your struggles are relationships and family. So make sure you are discreet in all these areas. Don’t share your heart with anyone around. No one is worth trusting around you.

Also, your contract is going good but very slow because of some pending lessons. You are still resisting and not learning to say no. Also, you are very vulnerable and weak. Try and be strong and be confident of your own decisions and don’t depend on others. Rest is fine. Keep in mind one more thing. You have to live this life as per your own rules and be very sure of what you need in order to get there.


“which stage of heaven I am in? how many more births do i have to take…?”

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Aseem’s email to me : ” Dear Renuka, this is what i want to ask Erik:

1. I want to know which heaven I am in (numerically) as far as Christianity and Hinduism go.

2. I need yours as well as my spirit guide’s advice and protection as far as dealing with my current life situation is concerned.

3. How many more births do I have.

4. Do I have any major sin yet to wash which is creating an obstacle, in my destiny.


Erik’s reply : “Aseem, I can’t reveal the numerical stage but I can sure tell you, you are at a place where you have to work hard for your lessons now that you are here, it’s very important you face this life positively. Your major life lesson is giving your best and trying to be detached with the results, if you conquer this quality, you will surely advance to the next stage spiritually, as far as advice, your guides are helping with your current situation. You will see hope soon, it’s just a matter of time, remember your judgement can be clouded when it comes to person you love and you should be very objective in taking any decisions about it.

You have more births yes but it can’t be revealed, sins cannot be washed they have to be paid for, and if you do it sincerely and and don’t repeat them again, you all be out of it.”

To learn to be stable and calm, keep silence

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Ranu’s email to me : “ Erik my mind is fucked up… I m sorry I m so dependent… I don’t know what else to say you can read my mind… and I m sorry to bother u again!”


Erik’s reply : “Ranu chill sweety, your mind is not fucked up, it’s a phase and you are just trying to sort things at a soul level which makes you feel the way you do, I suggest just kill time by doing something to keep your mind busy until this phase runs out of time. Your destiny is beginning to reshuffle and it’s an important time for your soul. I will help you also. Give it some time and remember you have to learn to be stable and calm, keep silence. It will give you that peace of mind to deal with things in the right way.”


You are led by the Master, so that we can connect…

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Nupur’s email to me : “Amit left the world on xx/xx/xxxx. He died in Xxx in a road accident. His date of Birth is xx/xx/xxxx. His family is in great grief. His sister wants to connect to him. Please can you get a message for her from him, also can you ask something which only both of them knew or was common so that she believes that it is from him.”


Amit’s reply :  “hi, dont worry I am happy here, I know you all are in pain, but I am  well. I want to tell my sister that she has been led by my Master here so that we can connect and she should trust this communication, I was wearing a blue shirt on my last day this should give her the confidence that she is communicating with me, I need to say many things but it is possible only when she has full faith, I am very sorry for going away suddenly but it was an accident, and I will try and make for my absence from here, I want to give many messages but my family should be open and accepting of this contact which they are not right now. Only when they trust this, I will give more messages for my family and help them from here, thank you Nupur, for doing this for my family, please convince them to continue this contact, mummy is not well and she has to be taken care of emotionally as well as physically. Amit.”

Your loved ones manipulate energy to give you signs…

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Nikhil’s email to me(for his departed son) : “Gagan, How are u, You know on 15th August, we used your dor(thread) & patang(kite), to celebrate the festival, xxx, xxx,  xxx and family were here, but we all misss uuuuuuuu a lot, You tell me what are you doing there? Are u studying there, if yes what type of studies, hey its u who is switching off the bedroom’s AC? Both your sisters are fine, Your mom & I also miss uuuuuuuuuuu unexplainable. Your password is in new diary or old one? take care bags & tons of love to you my dear most son. Papa”


Gagan’s Reply : “Papa, it’s me playing with the electronics, You will see more mischief now, yes I am learning to manipulate energy to give you signs to help you recognise me. Password is in the old diary papa, search for it, you will have. Tell Mom, I miss her too and I am always with her. Rest all is fine, I am glad you all love me so much and I promise I will always be by your side until we meet again here in this world. Gagan”


A departed son reaches out to his sad father!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Kavya’s email to me : “My friend Karan is in hell missing his 23 year old son that died suddenly 4 yrs ago on xx/xx/xxxx. He doesn’t want to live. I would like to know if his son Miral can reach out to him and comfort him, Let him know he’s alright and that someday they will be together! What can I do to help him in his grief! He needs his son to reach out to him in the spiritual world that he’s living in! Thank u so much!!! Kavya!”

His son’s reply :  “hey dad, don’t be sad, don’t you know I am with you most of the time, don’t you feel me by your side, why worry when we are together, please don’t lose hope, there is so much in store for you still, I have a beautiful life here, don’t be sad for me, please trust this message, i have worked hard to get to you this way, don’t let me down if you really love me, get up and face life with me by your side, so what  if you can’t see me, you sure do feel me besides you, try and get out of this pain, i promise we will meet again in this beautiful world with no problems and pains of this world.” Miral.

Not in favor of daughter’s affair, what to do?

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Maya’s email to me : “My daughter is having an affair with a boy named Rahul and I don’t like this relationship. According to me the boy is characterless and does not have good image in the society and moreover he belongs to different caste so we are not interested. What should we do? How can we stop her? We are not in the favour. You know everything so please guide us. We don’t want our daughter to spoil her life. What should we do?”

Erik’s reply : “Maya don’t worry this boy will do it himself, he won’t be able to continue this relationship, he is fickle minded and your daughter will be stopped at the right time, make sure you keep throwing hints about him to your daughter but don’t force her, be loving at the same time make her recognise her mistakes, she will herself be out of this relationship when she realises she is  being led astray by that guy, it will happen itself, just be mindful of your daughter and support her when it gets over.”

You have to help yourself!!!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Richa’s email to me : “I had completed my B.E. in mechanical this year and i forgot to fill up the form for M.E. so i want to know abt that, whether will get the admission for M.E. or not. and if i will get, then wher will i get the admission. further more i was trying to reduce my weight since long back, but probably i was not getting the results, so plss plsss help me in that as i have high BP and doctor had told me to reduce it..but i was trying and not getting the desired results….so plsss help as i have great tension regarding these matters plsss help me…”

Erik’s reply : “Richa, we have always responded, you failed to keep your promise, we can’t help you, you have to help yourself to regain your health by reducing weight, there is no magic formula, you have to work on it with determination. its your will and sense of direction which will help you do this, you dont take our advice seriously and of many others and you expect to be helped, remember you have to help yourself. you have to give it your best and try and get your shape back.
your career is your own doing again, you have been careless, i don’t see you getting admissions but if you pray to the Master and keep trying for it, you might just get it, all i can say is it is on your hands and all depends how much efforts you put towards it yourself. all the best.”

Not at peace since mom’s death…

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Mehak’s email to me : “My mother passed away on xx/xx/xxx in Xxx, India. I want to ask her whether we will ever meet again. I wish for some sort of guidance in my life. Superficially, i seem to have a normal, happy life. I have a good job, loving husband and caring family members. But I still feel that something is missing in my life. I have been unable to be truly at peace since my mom’s death. I know she is in a better place but i can’t shake of the feeling that circumstances could have been different. Its always ”what if” she were here.I wish to know if there is something I could have done to avoid her passing. And also, I sometimes wake up at night feeling that someone has touched me or called out my name. Is it her or just a bad dream?”

Erik’s reply : “Mehak, your mother is watching over you and is wanting to connect but cannot get to you because of your grief, thats why this feeling of frustration and regret, relax, meditate. You will be fine, you can request for a message from your mother and we will connect with her for you. try and be happy, this is what your mother wishes, also keep her in your prayers, it will help her.”

Meher Baba’s silent call to His samadhi…

superspirit Channeling Spirit World


Rahul’s email to me : My friend, Shweta just visited Meher Baba’s Samadhi. She had booked her tickets to Shirdi 4 months back, till 10 days back she didn’t want to go, last week she was okay with the idea, and then she finally went, not knowing at all whether her family would really go to Meherabad or not. And now she’s here 🙂
She wants to ask: why Baba called her there?


Erik’s reply :  “to bless her and remove her negativities, she has been suffering for no fault of hers and Baba wanted to help her, He will continue to help her now that she has sought his blessings and she will see a change in her situation soon.”


Message from a loving mother for her daughter

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Jyoti’s email to me : My mother passed away on xx/xx/xxxx in hospital in Mumbai as she was not keeping well. Due to personal reasons we were not on talking terms and I feel guilty that I had not spoken to her for a year before she passed away. Can you please contact her and check with her if she has any message for me and that I am sorry and to forgive me.



Erik’s reply : your mother is here. “don’t worry Jyoti, I love you. You are worried about me, how can I be angry with you, you are my daughter and I love you, things that have passed have passed, look ahead, you will have a good life, I will always love you and take care of you as a mother, I am happy here and want you to forget everything and be happy, a mother cannot be away from her children for long, so don’t worry, there is nothing to forgive and you will always be my daughter. Pray for me and be happy, this is all I want you to do.”


Missing father… found in spirit world

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Tanya’s email to me : I would like to ask you about my father as he is missing since July xxxx from Xxx. We are not sure whether he is alive or not as he had left a message on paper saying that he going to commit suicide.

Would request your help to know the same & if he is not alive can u get me some message from him as my entire family is worried about the same.

Looking forward for your reply as it will helps us a lot!

Erik’s reply :  “Tanya yes your father is in the spirit world. He is here, he has this message for his daughter, “Beta, I know you all were worried, yes I am here in the spirit world, couldn’t take it any longer, I know it was my fault and I was weak but I want you to be strong, I regretted my decision after coming here and wished I would have showed more courage as God is always with us helping us, it’s we who don’t recognise His help. I am very happy we are able to contact. I need to ask forgiveness so that I am able move on. I have just one request, please pray for my soul, I need prayers to move on here, please pray for me and remember I have no complaints with my family and I love everyone the same. Tell your mother, she is not wrong and she is loved just the same.”

Inspired by your Guru, your Guru will only help you!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Aman’s email to me : I want to build a temple and an Ashram in the name of my guru – Shri Nanuaji at Xxx. Please advise how can I arrange money… when will this dream come true?


Erik’s reply : “Aman, you are inspired by your guru and your guru will only help you to do this for him, just keep taking his name and remember him and pray to him to help you with this, you will see help coming in very soon.”

Also Erik says, please tell Aman, not to forget his guru ever, He is like a support system for him.

“Just be patient and keep praying to the Master!”

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Nandani’s email to me : First of all I would like to thank-u for helping so many people, your & Karl’s help gives different dimensions to a person who reads your blog & has come to know about this.
I have read Nan’s Sounds of Silence & Listening to the Silence which led me to know about Baba. My faith has immensely increased in Baba.
Here I would like to know about my maternal grandfather who has passed away years ago. I would like to know if he wants to give us any message & if he is happy out there with you all as he had faced many difficulties in his earthly life. I feel bad for not meeting him when he was ill.
I am facing many problems right now like not getting married to the person I love; Karl has given the message that it will happen but I am anxious that when it will happen, as my parents are eager to get me married & the problem is that my lovers father is not ready for our relationship. Due to all this, both of us are not a peace & it’s been 3 years now. I also feel that I have more capabilities & potential to show in my professional life but still I am not getting the kind of job I want so that I can be a financial help to my lover & my family.

requesting your help to guide me with reference to all my queries. Looking forward to get your message.
Once again thanks a lot for all your help & lots of love to all of you.


Erik’s reply :  “Nandani, Karl is right this will happen but timing is not fixed, just be patient and keep praying to the Master he will help you with this, your professional life will improve soon, keep looking for opportunities and you will be led to a good one soon. Your family and your lovers family will be at a better place after 6 to 7 months, so for now concentrate on your career. Also your grandfather is here well and happy but don’t trouble him if you have no specific request.”

Erik solves a love riddle !!!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Aneesha’s email to me : Should I sew up the tear, get new clothes or wait for next season ??


Erik’s reply : “Interesting question Aneesha, i have already advised you to wait for the new season and maybe it will be spring which will give you your hearts desire back.”

I want my baby back !!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Emma’s email to me : It is almost 4 weeks since I lost my baby boy Xxx at 37 weeks of completely healthy pregnancy.
I was wondering if He can/will come back to us in my next pregnancy which I plan within 3 months or so.
Thank You very much for Your advice and best of luck to You!


Erik’s reply : “Emma, this soul is wanting to come back but it is still undecided, you can pray for it and give it the permission to come back to you and also promise you will take care of it in the best possible way, if he chooses to come back. Don’t worry it receives your love and your need of it again in your life, all the best.”

You are not alone…

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Akshita’s email to me : My Mom and Dad passed away in Xxx on xx/xx/xxxx (of cancer) and xx/xx/xxxx (dad was in coma) respectively. I would dream of them but very rarely. But now a days the dreams are frequent (once or twice a week) more visits are by mom, can you check if there is any meaning I thought they must have been reborn by now. Is it possible that they can visit even after rebirth. Their names are Xxx and Xxx.


Erik’s reply : “They are here, and they visit you always but you feel them now more since you’ve the awareness to do this. They are just coming to make you aware of their presence besides you, guiding you, you are not alone and they are with you.”


superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Hello everyone,

This may come as a surprise,good or bad, I leave it to my master, as it is his instructions,I am following.For further improvement and advancement of the blog so that the services reach many more,nominal donations in exchange of the services rendered through this blog will be requested.

It will be a nominal amount of Rs 500/- against any message requested from a loved one and in case of queries,maximum three queries will be entertained for the said amount.

The said donations will be requested only from february.Payments can be done by online transfer,the gateway to which will be provided in the contact form.

Hope this will be taken in a good spirit and co-operation for a good cause.

About Prayers….!!!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Hello everyone….I have been meaning to write about prayer and its importance in our lives spiritual or otherwise. It is said prayer’s connect you to the source. Evrything said in the prayers reach the source if the intent is pure and honest. Often people pray when they are weak, vulnerable or in difficulties…..when in reality, prayers can also help us to go inside and find the source of strength dormant within each of us. At times of difficulties, they are said in the hope of being released of our troubles… happy times we wish to convey gratitude and then in other times, when we pray for others….we show our love in a most pure form.

They say if you pray in the same place, you will build pure and strong vibrations in that place. Ofcourse, it is OK to pray in any place. but if you choose just one place the good vibrations will reflect back to you and this will help you greatly. Faith matters most. A prayer said with a strong faith is answered in no time.

Khorshed Bhavnagri In her book “Laws of the spirit world” says “When you pray, your thoughts, word and feelings travel to the spirit world in the form of a ray of light. We, in the spirit world can see millions and millions of rays of light travelling from earth towards us. The brightness or the strength of each ray of light depends on the sincerity and urgency of each prayer. God has chosen good souls in the spirit world to work with him and help him answer prayers. These spirit souls are specially trained with respect to answering human calls for help. To answer a prayer, these souls send positive rays of light back to the person on Earth. That is why the word prayer consists of the word ray. Prayers are, essentially, positive rays of light.”

Hope this post encourages you to pray and connect with the source.

Feel like I dont belong here….Help!!!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Reene’s email to me : “I was wondering if you could give me even a little bit of a hint as to what I am. Am I anything special, or have a purpose that I am here to fulfill that is out of the ordinary? I have never felt like I belonged here and for some odd reason, am starting to lose my memories or they are not accurate in comparison to what my loved ones remember.Could you please help? It’s getting overwhelming and honestly, I have no idea which direction to turn in.”

Erik’s reply : “There is definitely something going on with you, which you dont understand. You have disconnected suddenly with the world and there is a reason to it, you have also past life memories which confuse you with the memories of the present life, all this will pass and you will feel normal soon, its just a phase and be patient while it lasts.
your purpose is to be of help to the mankind in a way which is out of ordinary but the time for it has not yet arrived, you will know your purpose at the right time, you have intuition, use it, it will help you to move in the right direction.
I understand that you feel disconnected but trust me, its not half as bad and you will get better if you be positive with all that is happening around you. Meditation will help you connect with your guides to get guidance on your life path. Thats all I can reveal at present. All the best. Erik.”


Swelling but medical replorts normal,help??

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Niddhi’s email to me : “Mahek is ill.both her hands get swelled up and she is having problem in her legs also.All her medical reports came normal so her parents want to know the reason of her problem and what should they do to cure her?”


Erik’s reply : “she is suffering from an evil affect of something that her parents do wrong, it was sometime back,they have to pray for her and make sure they ask for forgiveness from a diety they worship in their family,they have to visit this diety and pray for forgiveness and also do some  charity. also ask them to visit the samadhi and pray to baba to help heal her,they will be helped for sure”


What happens when we try to contact a deceased loved one??

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Manisha’s email to me : “Just curious to know what happens when a person tries to contact their deceased loved ones through you or Nan aunty after many years of their death do the souls respond if they have taken rebirth.”


Erik’s reply to me : “its very subjective manisha, we can contact souls,no matter when they have left this earth,if they have not re incarnated and are still in the spirit world. we are not allowed to connect with the soul,if it has reincarnated and also if it is not willing to be contacted even if its  in the spirit world,thats all, no rules as such and its easier to connect here.”


Do souls choose the immediate connections in life??

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Manisha’s email to me : “I read in Korshed auntys book that a soul decides on rebirth because the soul wants to move to next realm and progress on earth is faster than in spirit world. My query is that souls are interconnected that is they choose their immediate connections bro sis or spouse. If that is so can one soul choose where the other soul will be reborn or the time frames if they were to decide to be related to each other or every soul has to choose his or her own life even if the other soul wants to be with the same soul in next life.”


Erik’s reply : “Manisha, there are many permutations and combinations and you can work around your choices so that you chooses your best and also chose to get connected in that life time with the loved one you wish to connect with,there are higher souls helping you with your life plan and at that time your plan is coordinated with other soul so there is maximum teaching and learning  alongwith karmical settlement with  the soul you meet and connect in that lifetime, its a  big connected energy field and it works as per universal plans and many controling it and taking care of everything as it should be, dont worry you will be with your husband when you are here and again when you chose to come back again when you want to.”


Little girl’s unknown illness!!!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Anonymous email to me : “Dear Renuka,
I was sent to you by one of the CE Family member. There is a little girl, whose parents seeking help for. She jas an illness that nobody can describe. I will send you a link with the description of it in english. It was suggested that maybe Erik would be able to help. How this little girl cuold be helped, what could be possible diagnoze for this girl. Not sure if this kind of answer could be given, If yes, wonderful, if not. I understand. With many blessings,”


Erik’s reply : “this illness is not very known but there is information about this out there,you just need to search for it at the right place, i advise to send healing light to this girl,also she should be very much receptive to the treatments for that,she needs to be emotionally counseled too,this little girl is unaware of what i happeing with her,she should be made aware and needs to be explained,so that she is more receptive and her body is healed,she will have to be guided i can only say there is treatment for this, please look up on the internet there might be a clue to the therapies for her. if possible, contact jamie and i will reveal through her,jamie will be open to this and she should be contacted for further help.”


What am I supposed to be doing with my life???

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Jessica’s email to me : “Hello I realize you must be really busy so I don’t mind if you miss me out as my needs are not as bad as others. i’m from UK. I just want some guidance on what i’m suposed to be doing with my life. Feeling a little lost and without a cause. Also want some guidance on what I’m suposed to do about my father do I try and contact him or should I just leave it, is he still alive? thank you so so much for taking the time to read this. much love and thanks.”


Erik’s reply : “Jessica,you will know your true  calling very soon,just be aware,your guides are trying to guide you to this,very soon you will have something for which you will feel deeply and you will do well to follow this in your life,it can be something related to your career but will be your calling.I suggest don’t disturb your father if you dont have any specific query. rest assured he is fine here and is looking after you.Erik.”


Will me sister die???

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Rajan’s email to me : “My sister has spoken a lot about you. Her date of birth is august 20 and is in mumbai. She lost her husband to cancer. I showed her horoscope to a couple of astrologers earlier and even now. Her horoscope mentions that she will meet with an accident before the age of 50. I am worried if that will be fatal they do not say it clearly but their expressions say a lot. I dont know how to ask you she is aware and is happy that she will be united with her husband and is looking forward to it but we are worried.”


Erik’s reply : “Rajan, don’t worry she is under masters grace and nothing of this sort will happen but you should  stay detached and remember we all are here for a purpose and we have to go back on the destined time. i can only say,she will live longer then you suspect and will have a very good life as master is helping her and will take care of her now till the end.”


Help for Thalassemia + HIV Patient???

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Shubhangi’s email to me : “I know of a thalaseemia patient detected few months after birth now she is around 25 years of age, she has now contracted HIV due to blood transfusions (monthly). She is in severe pain and suffers from various problems regarding health. Is there some hope for her or is there some message for her.”


Erik’s reply : ” “ok she will be alright for sometime but she will leave sooner then they think,she has to be prepared for it so she should be given a hint  so that she lives her life fully,she is a strong girl and she should be made aware of her strengths,her lessons are about to end and then her body will give up,so yes she should keep up the strength and live to the fullest for how much ever time she is left with.her soul will be happier then.”


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Narayan’s email to me : “Thank you so much baba for helping me. I will never forget what all you have done for me. I have become a big fan of yours. Thank a lot. I am falling short of words to thank you BABA. Please be with mw like this at every step of my life. I will always love you and want you to be with me. Also I want to come to samadhi at Pune but dont know whats stopping me? Pleasec call me there . I want to meet you along with my family. Please make some arrangement for me to visit at samadhi.
I got the love of my life just because of you. I love her very very much but now a days we are not being happy together. There is some or the other issue every day. Please help me to get stable in my relationship. She says that she loves me and she can do everything for me, but I have asked only one thing from her and she is not able to do that for me. I am very confused about her and I am not able to understand her. Please help both of us and make us together with lots of love for each other.”


Erik’s reply : “Narayan ,baba says he has brought this girl back in your life and he will help you with this relationship,baba wants you to be unconditional in your love for her and not demand anything from her in return. keep her in your heart but don’t let her get carried away with your love for her,tell her you love her but you need self respect from her too, rest see that you do everything for her not expecting anything in return, she will be a changed person and your relationship will be good after that, your love for her should be unconditional and then it will be better between you two. you will visit the samadhi soon baba has arranged something for you. till then keep praying to the master .”


Death of a fiancee!!!!

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Anonymous email to me : question-he died just few days before he was going to get married so if he had any last wish for his fiancee and for his family then please let us know and also if he expects sumthng from his family….????

question-reason of death because parents feel that its evil spirit or some kind of black magic that has caused his death…
and parents are in much grief because of death..
so he has anything to say to his parents???


Erik’s reply : “he says, he is very happy and no it was not any evil spirit, he was not willing to go through what was destined in his life in future and thats why he opted to leave earlier,it was a lesson for his fiancee too,he just sends love to everyone and specially to his fiancee,she is stll in pain but he wants her to move on and look for a partner and get settled in life,his parents are also hurt and he would like to apologise for whatever happened,he just wants to assure  them that he is well and everything was for the best, and he does not want them to blame anybody since no one was responsible for whatever happened. he knows they want a sign and he will try and come in their dreams soon after they receive this message,he will try and send a message or just visit them he will get in touch through dreams and assure them he is happy. he also want his mother to be happy for his sake, he wil be happy if they believe in this message and try and be positive in life.”


What is the source of my unease???

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Reena’s email to me : “I have some questions that I hope you can help me with. I m restless and I’m unable to identify the source of this unease. Is it because of a boy, is it my job, is it my schedule, is it something else altogether. What am I doing wrong? What should i be doing? Who am I looking for? How do I let it all go? Basically, I think I just want to know the purpose of this life, where is it all headed? I need some sort of direction.The last time I had asked about this boy who i was in a relationship with. Although we are not in a relationship anymore, he still calls and texts and it feels like he’s not ready to let go. That just makes it all the more harder for me. Is there anything left to hold on to? if not, how do i get closure? “
Erik’s reply : “you are restless because there is something you want to do but you are not doing it due to certain limitations you have placed on yourself,you are about to come to cross roads and this your soul knows and you are feeling restless, you will have to make choices and decisions, and it will be important decision, so try and relax and wait for the right time, keep youslf stress free, and you will be mentally prepared to face the time ahead, your decisions will be important and will determine the direction of your life, so just be strong and when the time comes,take your decision intelligently.
this guy is just trying his luck and the problems are still there so get rid of him, you alone can get a closure here, be strict with yourself and clear with him,that you have moved on and are not interested. this is all i can say,rest is in your hands to take the right decision for yourself.only when you are out of this you will attract a better partner in your life .Erik.”


Son not talking to me???

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Pankaj’s email to me :

“My son is not talking to me since last week. I  don’t even know the reason why he’s behaving this way .just after his  wedding he stopped talking to me .my daughter in law is talking to me but he is not. So i really want to know why my son not talking to me. We didn’t have any argument or fight. He is just randomly behaving like this. I don’t know what to do. Please tell me what’s the reason and what should I do. Please help me.”

Erik’s reply :

“Pankaj,he is not talking to you because he is being influenced and has turned against you because of this influence,yes it is someone you think it is,your guess is right, try and talk to him when this person is not around, see that you don’t give him any chance to complain,be loving and good no matter what he behaves,finally when the chance is right,try and talk to him and understand what is he’s reason of staying away from you,it wil help things clear in his mind, just give it sometime and behave normally,he will come around and when you think,he is receptive,talk to him and see what he has to say,remember you have to be loving no matter what he says.”


Will my baby come back to me???

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Ellie’s email to me:

“I just miscarried.I am very sad and i feel very regretful that i did not eat healthily for my baby during the 8 weeks of pregnancy. I indulged in my cravings.
Now I wake up my senses and decided to live a healthy life from now on. People had been telling me that it is not my fault and that i am still young to have more babies in future (i am 31 years old)However, no matter how many babies i am going to have in future, it is never going to be the same baby that i had lost now. I feel that i let my baby down. Will my baby come back to me as my future kid? is there really such a chance? I am going to try to conceive 3 months later. Will he come back as my future kid?”

Erik’s reply :

“it was your lesson, and no this same baby  will not be coming back to you. its contract with you is over and it was not completely your fault although you could have been more careful with your responsibility of having a baby, you can have a baby yes but it wont be that same one, move on and pray for the baby s soul to forgive you and it has a better passage to this world next time around, thats the best you can do now and try and learn from this and in future make sure you are more responsible for the next time around.”

Is my father with MEHER BABA??

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Arvind’s email to me :

“I am missing you father. When I took salary this month, I was in tears as you were not there to receive fruits and other eatables. You remain in my heart for all time. I love you father. May be I did not express my love for you explicitly when you were alive. It is unfortunate that I could not gift you the book when you were able to read.

I saw you in my mind’s eye , smiling in the embrace of Meher Baba, on the third day ceremony after your departure from this world. Is it correct or is it only a play of my mind? I thank Baba for fulfilling my wish that when the time comes to take you from this world, to do so without much physical pain to you. My love to you. Jai Baba.”

Arvind’s father’s reply through Erik :

“Son you are right I showed you i am with baba.baba helped me to do that for you because you prayed to him for confirmation, i am very happy here, who wouldnt be when he is with the master in its full glory,i have happiness i cannot express, dont be sad, this world is nothing but a dream and i dint have any regrets after coming to baba,i am very happy and want you to,love baba and always be thankful to him for whatever he does for us, keep your mind aside and fill your heart with baba s love,if you do this, you will achieve a lot in this life and it wil help you a lot. give my love to all, i am very much blessed and so are you my dear family with baba s love, jai baba.”



Did I channel a spirit by accident???

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Joe’s email to me :

“I fell asleep after meditating one afternoon and had a very vivid dream that I channelled a spirit who had a burnt up face. When I channelled her I felt like I had my own mind but her voice, face and her house. My kids were in this dream looking at me wanting to take me to the hospital. Was this just a horrible dream or is it possible that I channelled a spirit by accident?”

Erik’s reply :

“Its your subconscious trying to warn you of something, you will do well to record your dreams and relate them with incident in your life, this particular dream means you are going to get hurt if you are not careful. its a prediction of sorts of future, be careful and and be aware, it can be prevented if you are careful also pray to your guides and the almighty for protection.All the best .Erik.”

Is MEHER BABA receiving my love???

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Jaya’s email to me :

“my question for erik is that it has been weeks since i have been reading about baba ..and i think about him.. i love him a lot.. he rightly is the ocean of love. i feel as if the empty space inside me has been filled by baba. i love him.. my question is that is baba receiving my love? i mean he said there were very few people who can truly love him for what he actually is THE WAY HE SHOULD BE SEEN . like mehera and his brother jamshed ji. am i loving him rightly?.i might not be able to love him as much as mehera does or jamshed but i love him. does he know it?am i right? if i am not then what should i do?baba said that there is no point in reading about what i can do .. what i have done .. or just reading.. EVEN A CHILD can repeat those statements.. am i as good as the man who knows nothing.. and doesnt believe in god even though things like wealth money beauty wont satisfy him?”

Erik’s reply :

“hey Jaya, first of all, master receives your love and has been sending you love which makes you feel healed,you receive his love and you feel happy and peaceful without any specific reason. baba will always be there, yes he has entered your life, and he will always protect you and guide you. baba will be there when you go for your most important, event of your life because you have prayed to him, he has promised to help you with that. master has been receiving your prayers and has agreed to help you with your relationship, coz you have prayed with a sincere heart, Jaya, dont think, just love him, don’t think or compare your love with others, everyone is special to the master and he loves all of you unconditionally, so just love him and dont think anything else, he wants love from you and nothing are blessed and you will have baba s confirmation of your love soon, when you come out of something you have ben struggling with from years, hope you get what i mean. all the best.Erik.”


Son wants to marry a girl from another community….please help!!!

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Narendra’s email to me :

“I want to enquire about my son,about his mariage.He has loved a girl of a different community and we are not interested in the said marriage. We request you to look in to the matter and advise.Kindly let me know whether this marriage will take place, if so how is the life of the boy and girl, whether they live with us or they go out of the house, We are not interested in this marriage. However, my son is not leaving the matter. Whether this can be stopped. If so whether. will he marry our own community girl. There is restlessness at home. Kindly advise has how to go about.”

Erik’s reply :

“sir, please let this marriage take place its in best interest of all concerned and will bring no harm to either of the couple. community is a thing created there on your earth, when you come back here, we are all souls and there is no difference, please understand this and you will be happy with our decision when you come here, and know that we all are one and connected and there is no difference. I request you to be happy with the union and bless it, it will help you be at peace with yourself and with your son and be a good factor for your relationship with your son. Erik.”



future of a child suffering from cancer

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Namita’s email to me :

“I want to have a little guidance for my very close friend. She has a daughter, her only child, who is suffering from Cancer. She was undergoing repetitive chemotherapy and other related painfull treatment. Last year she had Bone Marrow Transplant. Though the child seems to improve and start a normal life of a child, she has been put under a lot of restrictions for almost her whole lifetime.This question is from her mother who wish to know whether her daughter will be self-sufficient and able to lead a life of a normal human being in future?”

Erik’s reply:
“she will lead a good life although she can have health complications all her life, she has to be taught to deal with it in a positive way, she also needs to be taught to take care of her ownself and not to be dependant on anyone, this way she will be self sufficient. pray to baba and visit the samadhi, baba will take her in her arms and will take care of her for the rest of her life,her mother can stop worrying about her, once she is under baba’s care.Erik.”


A conscience related question???

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Neena’s email to me :

“I wanted to ask a conscience-related question. You know you are supposed to do something, like its your duty, but more than that you really want to do it from the bottom of your heart but somehow you just cant put yourself through with it and not knowing the reason makes it harder. What can you do in such a situation?”

Erik’s reply :

” I know what you are talking about, have guts to follow your heart, reasons are not important, you have to follow your heart, you will never go wrong no matter what, because thats what you are supposed to do, whenever you get happiness, doing something, you are dong the right thing, definitions does not matter, you should be at peace with yourself doing that, then its fully justified, no matter what the world says, all the best.Erik.”


Tried everything but brother not studying…….Help!!!!

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Ranju’s email to me :

“Dear Erik,
I would be really grateful if u guide me for my brother.He is very weak in studies.My mother has tried all the ways to teach him nad make him learn but neither of them seem to be working out.He is appearing for 9th std final exams.pls suggest some way out..Will medication help him?should we go in for a psychotherapy?should we approach a counsellor?Please do reply asap..eagerly waiting…thank u”

Eriks reply :

“Ranju relax, your brother is normal, he does not need counselling, he is just not interested in studying, not his cup of tea, I know you all want him to rise academically but that s not where his interest lie, he won’t do it by force or compulsion, he will only reject your efforts more , he should be left alone , just explain him the consequences and let him decide his course of action, even if he repeats a year, don’t worry, it will be counter productive, all said and done, it will be only when he feels its important for him to study that he will do it. nothing else will help, also he is destined to do something different altogether and academics doesnt figure in his future. you have to make sure, he puts his efforts in the right direction, once his  interest is clear to you. all the best. Erik.”


Parental issues…..!!!!

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Smita’s email to me :

“My parents are having certain issues for a long time now. I am worried about my mom as she is really depressed and since she is a bit high maintenance, it makes her do all sorts of weird stuff without her realising shes hurting herself as well as those around her.I would really appreciate it if you could please guide me in finding a solution to help her before its too late and bringing peace to my family.”

Erik’s reply :

“your mother is going through a mid life crisis, she will continue her antics for some more time, and she will realise her problem after say 6 months, till then be patient with her, she has an aversion to being very upkeep and prepared, this is her weakness, to be the centre of attention, if she doesn’t get this,she resorts to all this, she will be better if you take  her to counsellor but i doubt she will agree, so just wait it out until she realizes it herself, support and positivity from both you and your father, remember she is not aware of her state and  is just a victim of her own mind,so do not judge her and support her, she deserves that, keep coming back for guidance here, i would be able to reveal more with time. till then pray for her, give her unconditional love and support, and wait for this phase of her life to get over. all the best, Erik.”


Horoscope..Constellation of stars and their affects!!!

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Jagdish’s email to me : Hi Erik,
I need your guidance on matter of life. We are all born and there is constellation of starts existing at that moment as per horoscope and most of the things , like qualities of an individual and various personality traits are predefined based on that the progress in the journey in life is made . We talk about making choices but our choices are predetermined due to various factors and how an individual behaves in a particular circumstances.
i am a student of astrology / palmistry and realise that though we talk free will even this will is influenced by unknown power. How do we come out of it if its possible. How do we make constructive changes create destiny if every things in pre destined.


Erik’s reply :  “Jagdish, I know it can get bit confusing at times this free will and destiny thing, but its fine balnce you now, free will means you have the power to choose between choices, these choice are determined by your destiny in turn, the choice you make branch out in a different path as per the choice, and so you have parallel destinies charted out for you, and you step on a path, you choose yourself from various choices destiny offers you so you see, you do have a say but to the extent your destiny allows you, but yes with strength, positivity and determination, you can surely chart a different path of your choice. if only you have the courage and determination  to walk the path less trodden, I have to tell you, your choices in addition to your karma’s have a far reaching effect on your destiny now and in future lives, it has  basically a carry over effect. I am glad you asked this question, and if you have any further doubts about anything please feel free to get in touch, its when you start asking question like these, that you start to understand what basically life s all about and where you are going. all the best, Erik.”


Is mind different from the soul????

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Sonia’s email to me : my first question is the mind really different from the soul .. so its not really me who feels this way but my mind does it mean that the two are different .. that its not my fault?i feel that with my father and mother around only socially  it just kind of pollutes the environment which becomes very negative and i feel frustrated with them and around them.. i feel life is fulll of gross restrictions and bad is bound to happen if i take a step in a different direction .. at times.. they just create so mch stress and insecurity around
secondly you spoke of phobias .. i have one little fear suddenly out of nowhere it emerges.. and these bad vicious thoughts come in about my partner.. and other girls… it just comes in and i dont know what happens.. then i start seeing the people around me in a different way.
and erik i also read what you said about feeling .. say not good when people behave in a self defeating way.. i do that but your words are changing me .. i think .. do not feel that way about me .. i promise to change and become positive . but please answer both the questions.

Erik’s reply : ” “Sonia, I am glad you are asking all the right questions at such an early age, mind is non different,but it sure has a sub identity and surely works differently then your soul, our mind gets affected by previous life sanskaras and also through your current life experiences, it acts as per positive and negative impressions accumulated, so many times its not easy to control it and it acts on its own, so to the extent you are not responsible fully, in the sense, you can work to control your mind and direct it towards more positive and constructive thoughts, then negative and self defeating thoughts, so it all depends on how you can control your mind, this can be done through practicing silence, meditation and positivity, this will throw away all the negativity and fears out of your mind, you will be so strong no outward influence will affect you, you will also learn to be happy all by your ownself, because you won’t be dependent on anyone for anything, what you want to feel, you will be able to direct your mind to think thoughts which you want to think and feel, and direct your life the way you want it to be and not what your mind makes you feel, i have seen your efforts and i am proud of you, you can do it, all the very best, you are a strong person and with a wrong will and determination, you will surely achieve what you want to, don’t bother about outward influences. make your mid your slave and let it feel and think what you want it to.. keep sending quetsions, i like it when you ask the right questions, you sure deserve a pat Sonia, keep it up , i will be monitoring your progress with your mind, remember exams or no exams, you have to keep up the efforts and you will be successful in all the exams ,life throws at you. all the best. Erik”

Torn between my happiness and hurting others !!!!!

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HI Erik,

Can you help me ask my spirit guides?
I am at a crossroad in my life.
I am torn between wanting something for my own happiness and hurting people around me.
I found who I think my soulmate was in 1987. We have been together until 1992 when he moved here where I am.
I married somebody else and eventually had a baby but in my heart, I cannot forget my soulmate.
Now that I am also here at the same place a few years back, and now that I have the courage to leave – I am at a crossroad of staying in my marriage or going back to my soulmate.

Can you ask my spirit guides to help me how to decide.
I feel that I am ruining my son’s future because of the divorce.
or breaking my husband’s heart when he learns I still love the other person.
I am also fearful of what my husband can do to me.
But if i stay in the marriage, I feel like I am not progressing.
Is staying in the marriage where I am supposed to be? Or should I go back?
Or God has other plans for me?


Erik’s reply : “Your relationship with your soul mate would have not lasted more then a year or so….this time has passed and it won’t last long if you decide to go back to him.Work on your marriage, your kid deserves that. your soul mate will understand, and its important, you understand that you can do it, i know its difficult, but you have to put efforts,when you feel you are not progressing, its only your mind and its anxiety, try and see the good in your marriage and work on it for your kid, you will come out of it. also remember, you are always connected with your soulmate , wherever you are, so you don’t need to be in touch, have love for him, but do our best here, and fulfill your purpose of life for which you have come here for, dont devaite from it, all the best.”


Awesome Erik on love and religion issues!!!

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Nandini’s email to me :

the thing is that i am in a relationship and i ve been crazy since like friend liked him too from the same time.. he was always confused between us. he was with her for some time but obviously that dint work. later we were together again and i left him because he was not serious .. and now when I am with him, i just feel scared what if he has to go away for work and the recent isssue that he is a muslim and i dont believe in religion his family might not accept me later.


Erik’s reply : “”its your mind again Nandini, which is troubling you in having such thoughts both about your parents and your lover, see when you are in a realtionship and so much in love , you always have this fear of losing someone, your lovers past also does not help you to move on, he has moved on from a previous girl friend to you, so you feel he will do the same with you, but again that is what your mind feels and you have to control it to have more positive thoughts, i cant reveal the future of your relationship, but i can tell you that with positivity and positive affirmation, you can direct it in a way you want, have positive intent and visualisation, always visualize him and you getting married and you will see, it works, that is if you really want him for keeps, or you can visualize always being with him happy and content, this positivity will help you with this relationship, and all your fears and insecurities will go away, also about your parents again it depends on you, how muh you let them affect you, if you create a shield around you, their negativity and fears wont affect you, you can practice mediation and visualisations for this, learn to visualize very intensive day dreams, practice meditation, stilling your mind, once its calm, no amount of negativity and fear will affect it, and all your phobias will go away, remember i told you before, the secret is to control your mind and direct it in the way you want your life to go in, if you can do that, i m sure you will have no problems dealing with fears and insecurities in your life, shield yourself from all the negative people and situations, learn to do this, there are may techniques and you will be protected, all the best Erik.”

How do i know,I am listening to my departed one or to myself????

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David’s email to me : Hi Renuka and Erik,

I’ve been reading all about Erik the last few days and i find it so comforting and amazing. You’re bringing so much happiness to the word.

How do i know that when i think a certain thought that it may be from Rosie or am i talking to myself?
How much has she been guiding me over the last 9 years and is there a reason why?

sending much love


Erik’s reply : “”hi David, i like you, you have a very big heart and a positivity that he is amazing, yes there is a reason, Rosie has been guiding you, you both have past life connections and she has taken on herself to help you get  most out of this life, actually, your thoughts do disturb the guidance she sends you often, you have to practice stilling the mind and silence for fifteen minutes will also help. this will reduce the unnecessary clutter in your brain and you will get her advice more clearly, whenever you are following her advice, do only what feels good doing it, don’t do anything which you are not comfortable doing, when u formally connect with her, tell her mentally, you will be meeting her at this specific time daily, practice this, ask your questions and then keep your  mind blank so that she can send her thoughts, partice this and see where it goes. “

Joint family problems…..!!

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Reema’s email to me :

I am writing this message on behalf of my father.we live in a joint father was ready to sacrifice all properties,money for his brothers then too everyday they play games with him and he is unable to react and understand them and he is very upset too so he need some help how to react.


Erik’s reply : “Hi Reema, your father is not as dumb a you think, he is an intelligent man and he knows the way around, he is just emotional about the family and therefore can’t take the decisions pragmatically, tell him he is doing no good to himself as well his brothers by giving into their pressure, he has to take a stand and show them who is the boss here, it will not be only good for him but them too, because by complying with them he is responsible for their negative karma’s too, also tell him, he has a good chance of supporting them even by keeping hold on everything, or it can lead to losses coz they are not good at handling responsibilities then him, also he has a soft heart and he should guide against taking decisions emotionally, he should be pragmatic and do only what is fair and just.he has to be strict, that is the attitude he should be showing now. also keep him away from manipulative relatives who try to take advantage of his goodness, be a shield for him and make use he is not swayed by their manipulative behaviour.all the best erik.”



Help with love life!!

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Hiren’s email to me :

Hello again,There’s another thing i wanna add in the question of my love life is that- inspite being a good looking guy,intelligent , nice to everyone and gentle always.. i feel i always had lack of girls in my life.. i feel so cut off.. i had a gf who was very pretty and loving, but we had a breakup recently and i deeply feel that i won’t get a girl like her and i don’t understand why it happened to me.. i remain internally depressed thinking about my love life and what is to come .. i believe in love marriage, but the way things are going i don’t feel i would fall in love in this days..
I want to know what exactly my guides and any other higher spiritual being has guidance for me in this respect. What exactly should i do? and where would i meet the perfect girl of my choice?
I hope you would take the time again to channel for me as u always had.


Erik’s reply : ” “Hiren, yes you will get a girl and you will be happy with her, these relationships are karmic and are destined to teach you some lessons,  you have to learn your lessons and move on, contemplate what went wrong, what was your fault, not hers, see where you lacked, what lessons can you learn, make this lesson your learning and don’t forget it, if you do, your other relationship will fall back on the same track, so dude jus chill, you will have a great chick, and you need to move on and expect a good life instead of being in the past.whatever happened was a partt of plan and you just need to go with the flow, your guides send you intuition and that is the only way they can communicate with you, your abilities depend on how mush you go inside , connect with your self  and meditate. you have a bright future, just meditate for now, and leave the rest to your guides, we cant be elaborative here, because this is what your guide want you to know, for time being. and they are already in touch with you through renuka, so you have a contact with them through a medium already so relax and try and connect with yourself to develop your abiltites and leave the rest to your guides.”


Need a guide in my life…???!!!

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Shubhangi’s email to me :
Dear Renuka..

Happy to found u 🙂 and really thankful to you for giving happiness to so many people.

I by chance came up on your side. I think i’m naturally inclined to natural powers of the Universe ( since 1998 )and want to make this powers as ”MY PART of MY LIFE”. ( Bcos of which i’ve connected to so many divine souls – thankful and happy n teary me )

But I’m not able to find out one single way ( which is actually made for me) to connect with divine for once and all.. I keep moving from one way to another without any fixed direction.

I really need Your help to throw some light for my future direction for identifying and connecting with my ULTIMATE GUIDE – I need continuous guidance. PL HELP ME.


Erik’s reply :

“Shubangi, you have e an ability to connect with spirits and it helps you in many ways, its true you still don’t know the formal procedure on how to do it, your guides are trying to help you with this and they want you to have patience with them, you will connect with them very soon and it will be through a psychic, not renuka, though, keep looking around, you will be lead to one in coming days and your guides will surely communicate with you through this particular person, they will give you all the knowledge in parts and you have to make sue you follow their guidance, you will have to keep going to this person until you are confident of your own abilities and start channeling them yourself, this will begin soon, be aware and see where you are guided. they are leading you, you have to be open and not resist anything, and trust your intuion, all the best.”

Dependant on others for happiness….??!!

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Jasmeen’s email to me : ” i feel that i am very dependent on others or things for my happiness it never comes form inside.. if it does rarely..i just dont feel anything. at times i feel i dont live in the present moment.just scared about little events having no significance.. and making meanings out of it.. i feel that i need to feel my life is soo empty at times i feel nervous that things will go away .. people will leave me.. actually one person specifically. you know who i am talking about probably.. i cant let him go.. he is not but that feeling is so weird.. i dont know how to bring happiness from within..IT BOTHERS ME .., also i feel that i dont beleive in myself.. maybe i feel i dont have control and no matter how much i do i ll be somehwere dissatisfied… i feel empty…. and i indulge in self pity.”

Erik’s reply : “Jasmeen, don’t worry you are not going to lose your loved one, its just your phobia and insecurity, it stems from past life lessons, you should get over it because you sometimes make life difficult for this loved one himself and its not good for your relationship, practice positivity, meditation, don’t let any negative thoughts come to you. push away all the fears, pray to Meher baba he will give you strength and will help you rid of all these negativites inide you. you have to believe in the good for any good come to you, your thoughts attract reality and sometime you tend to send negative thoughts which attract the same reality, it has been a pattern and you have this fear inside you that all the things that you imagine will come to pass, so think positive things and they will come to pass because you attract thngs in your life which you think, positive or negative. all the best. don’t let your fears spoil your life and your loved ones deserve a happy positive patrner, not what you have changed yourself to.Erik”

Message from a departed friend!!!

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Rajan’s email to me : “Hey Erik! how are you??!
Here I go with my question.
I had a childhood friend, named Preetam, who died in a road accident on 13th January 2010, left after him his sister and parents.
Off late I have been thinking about him and getting this feeling that I should ask for a message from him for his parents and sister.
Hello, Preetam how are you ?please send a message so that it not only affirms them that it is you but also consoles them.

Erik’s reply : ” “Renuka, Preetam is here,he has a message and he is happy to connect. he says, hey Rajan, thanks yaar, for making this request, i was keen to get in touch with mummy and papa, they are grieving and i want to console them, i am proud to have you as a friend, thanks for healing me. tell mummy papa, i am happy here, i am being taken care of in a very good way, they are very sad and i don’t like them being sad, it hurts me here. i am at home most of the times, mummy always feels me but shrugs off this feeling, tell them to use my room and don’t keep it locked, i would like to have sunshine and fresh air in my room, please ask them to be happy for my sake or it hurts me here, tell them I promise to take care of my sister and they don’t need to worry so much about her, she will be fine.They also have many complaints with god, they should heal themselves and stop being angry at god, it was all destined and they should accept it. we will be together once again tell them and we will definitely be a family again here”


Guidance for preparation of an exam!!!

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Ram’s email to me : “I am living in Delhi alone away from my parents and preparing for CA final exam since last 5 years but after doing a lot of hard work I got only half success so I am so confused that whether there is any mistake in my preparation or my luck is  not with me.Kindly suggest me that whether I have to change my way of preparation  or do something else.

Erik’s reply : “Ram, you are right, there is a problem with your luck part, you are sincere and you have tried to give your best, maybe you are destined to do something else, i suggest to give it a last try and if you succeed, fine, if not, try out your luck in some other vocation, see what you are good at ,go for it, come back for advice here, if you so want, but see that this last try should be as sincere as others and you give your best as you always do, pray to meher baba if you really want to succeed in this line, he will surely help you, he will help if you pray sincerely to him. all the best, dude.”


Need help for a friend’s child???

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Sanjay’s email to me : “My mother’s childhood friend, who is a resident of Mumbai, has a son named Jatin. He used to speak when he was 2-3 years old, thereafter stopped talking and till date when he is around 18, he doesn’t speak. Something has happened to him, we don’t know what. Please guide.”

Erik’s reply : “Sanjay, this guy has been affected mentally. He has chosen this life himself thats why the parents have not been able to cure him till now. His parents are good human beings and have lessons with him to be learnt. They have a very good heart and will give him the best upbringing. This guy understands more then his parents think. He needs only love and will have a good future despite his disability. Taking him to the samadhi will help ease his confusions as a soul. Erik.”


What is the reality of religion???

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Sandy’s email to me : “I can no longer belleve what I have been taught regarding religion….can you tell me what is real now that you are on the other side”

Erik’s reply : “Sandy, You are correct, we can no longer just trust and believe what the church says, we need to feel religion inside to follow it with our heart and be true to ourselves. when I came here, I was given some viewpoints which I would like to share with you. there is only one religion and one reality, there is no hell. We are not punished for our sins, rather we are given a chance to correct ourselves and learn the lessons therin. We have to be helping, loving. church says, We have tp pay for our sins,that is bullshit, we do reap good returns for goos deeds. Our accounts with others have to be settled. We have to help ourselves first and yeah, having guilt is of no use, it does not help. We have to forgive ourselves and others too. This lets us to be free and move ahead on our path. These are just few snippets, you can search the blog for more. (Mom’s blog All the best Sandy, hope to hear from you again. Erik.”


Meaning of a recurrent dream!!!

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Riya’s email to me : “Hi This messsage is for my mom who died on 29th July  in india. I repeatedly have dreams of the house we last lived in with her (when she was alive). I am always being chased by something/someone like a beast or animal in that dream. Somehow that thing catches up with me even inside the house and at times I am locked out of the house. I have had this dream for years. I need to understand the meaning behind this.
Thanks for your help.

Erik’s reply : “Riya, This house in question is calling you. Do visit this house once. These dreams means, you are blocking an issue which you need to handle wheras your guides want you to face this issue.This signifies a beast running after you and you running away, face up the fears and fight it, the dreams wont trouble you, introspect and see what is your deepest fear, face it and resolve it with courage. Erik. ”


Live organ donation advice???!!!

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Vinita’s email to me : “Hey Erik,It’s Vinita. I just found out that my uncle,has been placed on a kidney transplant list, and is in need of a transplant within a year. I automatically jumped at the chance to be tested to see if I am a compatible donor for him. My family is worried about my decision, and thinks that I should reconsider, since I am only 33, and have small children and a family, and ”you never know…” kind of thing. Can you give me any insight into this?

Erik’s reply : “Vinita, You should be very aware of your health, not recommended, although if you want to help, you cannot be stopped, follow your heart, helping him get a kidney can also be termed as a good help. all the best. Erik.”


How to use my healing ability???

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Julie’s email to me : “Erik, I have a special healing ability but seem to lack the confidence I need to step out and really claim it. I think this is partly due to the fact I know it exists but don’t know how to tell the public what it is or how it works. I know I am an ”intellectual” being more than mental, emotional or physical, but trying to describe this form of healing I do from the intellectual mind is throwing me for a loop. Can you get any information on this and help me to put it into words that other’s can understand? I would be most thankfull for your help.”

Erik’s reply : “Julie, This is something which needs no explanation really, its a mind technique of transfering energies and balancing them to bring anout the healing, its basically playing with the energy, using the most powerful tool, the mind. Your mind is very powerful and you know it, you just use your mind power to heal and it brings about a possible change which leads to healing, its not intellectual entirely, your will power and confidence comes into play, true but there is something very spiritual connected to it. Little did you imagine before when it frst started, but you know completely and feel confident doing it, similarly, if you start helping, people will benefit and the source and the method wont matter that much. so yes, go out and share your gift, it will sharpen with use and will give you confidenceand more understanding of what you have. all the best for this. Erik.”


Why to trust the spirit world…….read on!!!!

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Richa’s email to me : “I was wondering if you could give me even a little bit of a hint as to what I am. Am I anything special, or have a purpose that I am here to fulfill that is out of the ordinary? I have never felt like I belonged here and for some odd reason, am starting to lose my memories or they are not accurate in comparison to what my loved ones remember.Could you please help? It’s getting overwhelming and honestly, I have no idea which direction to turn in.”

Erik’s reply : “Hey Richa, Why so discouraged, there is a right time for everything, even for your answers to come and just for the record, you are not boring and just confused right now. you have knowledge about the afterlife but you dont know how to trust it, your logical mind needs proof and it will soon get that.

Richa, we here in the spiritworld can see and hear everything even the abuses hurled at us, its by no means a small job to connect both the worlds but we do it for the sake of our loving masters who want to help all of us. Trust and faith are not dependant on proofs but love for that pure source from which all of us come from. so yes the choice is yours but be very sure of what we do from here since it requires great courage and conviction and faith to overcome the barriers and connect both the worlds for the ultimate growth of al concerned. All the best. Smile, you sure have a good heart but share it, you will be at peace. Erik.”


Reason for death???!!!

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Shane’s email to me : “My 46 year old cousin,passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly April 5th, 2010.He had just finished having dinner with friends, and was found in the parking lot of his condo, deceased. He had had a physical the week before, and checked out ok. They were unable to determine cause of death, and was marked as ”natural causes”. This has been very hard for the family to digest, and is worry some for the other siblings, as well as cousins. Could you tell me how he passed, if he has already gone through his healing on the other side, and if he is communicating with us yet? Much love and light, Vicki

Erik’s reply : “Shane, dont think too much, its not that serious, I am sure but I need some more time to get in touch with your cousin. The cause was medical and it couldnt be detected. There is no hidden business here. So relax. Pray for him.Erik.”



Deadly disease…Help!!!

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Jayant’s email to me : “I have very deadly disease and i dont want to die so soon am just 37 and have 2 small daughters and there wont be any one to support them inspite of my parents being very rich dont even support me , erik pls help can i get out of this mess or will i spoils my kids life and my wifes life with my disease as they are already suffering a lot.”

Erik’s reply : “”Jayant, its your life plan and you need not worry, your parents will take care of your wife and daughter after you leave and you will find ways to get in touch with them, when you will be here, I will help you when you are here to do that. Its your destiny and cannot be avoided and you will live longer then you think. In the meantime, you can do your best to secure your family’s future, maybe try and drill some sense in your father. Jayant, your wife is a strong lady, dont underestimate her, she will do fine. You have to be strong till you are there. Please pray to BABA to take your family under his care.”


Worried about brother’s future!!!

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Kiran’s email to me : “would like to know my brother’s future as he does not study much and is quite temperamental. What kind of career should he be looking at to do well in life? And what should I do to make him feel loved and have peace of mind? He remains positive when I am with him but unfortunately its not always possible for us to be together all the time.”

Erik’s reply : “Hi Kiran, Your brother is just going through phase. It will be over and his moods will change for good. So relax and dont worry too much about him. Its too early to decide a vocation for him, just let him follow his heart when he grows up, and he will do well in life. Kiran, he has lost his mother and feels lonely. He  sees his mother and thats why is positive, when you are around, try to be in touch with him even if you are not around. Assure him, he is not alone and you are always with him. The guy is emotional and needs support and company. Try to get him involved in some activities which really interest him, dont force him to study if he does not want to. Keep him occupied with anything which he likes doing, he will surely improve.”


Mother’s message!!!!

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Sam’s email to me : “I am very very attached to my beloved mother. I was with her till the last breath. When she was alive, i could not imagine living without her, so I avoided what is going to happen as she is sick and has renal failure, was counting her days. She passed on Nov 7, 2007 at a private hospital. I was shell shocked, felt like being along this world although i am married. Even now I was upset I could not share my feelings with her. If you please tell me how she is doing, I will be grateful to you. I want to join her as soon as I finish my duties in this world as I want my bond to continue, I love her so dearly. Ple help and understand my emotional feelings.”

Mother’s reply through Erik : “Sam, I love you too very much. I know of your restlessness and prayed for you. I am very thankful, I am in a position to contact you. Sam, you promised, you will always be happy. I cant see you sad. I had to put many efforts to get you here, to contact me. You have to be happy for your family. I love them dearly too. I am always with you whenever you think of me. dont be disheartened, I will never leave you. You have to be strong and live your life happily. I want to see you happy. Dont worry about me. I am well here and can be with you whenever I want. So please dont be sad for me, it hurts me to see you like that. Remember, I always taught you to be brave. I am watching over you. Dont feel alone. Mummy.”

Erik’s advice on dealing with insecurities !!

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Hello, This email comes from a daughter afraid of losing her parents.

Julia’s email to me :

For some strange reasons , I have become really pessimistic and have started thinking that i am going to lose my father or my mother soon.It is extremely frustrating and I want to get these thoughts out of my mind.And want to know if there is any truth in this thought..?
Please help!!

Erik’s message :

“Julia, your mind is playing with your insecurities. There has been an incident which has made you vulnerable. You feel you will be left all alone and since you depend on your parents a lot and love them, You get these thoughts of them going away from you. Your parents will live longer then you think. You need to meditate and calm your mind. Also something which cure your insecurities is also important. You can go for counseling if the problem persists or you can just be positive and ask your mind to shut up whenever it sends such thoughts. Remember, there are no separations, we are always together and connected. Erik.”


Suicide or Accident???

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Ramesh’s email to me : “Dear Erik,I need to help Mahesh’s family.its fourth day after Mahesh’s death. No one really knows the reason whether it was an accident (IF YES THEN HOW) or suicide (IF YES THEN WHY) also if you could get Mahesh’s soul to get some messages for his family i could convey the message to his family in my own way and will try my best that they believe in me. Also please ask Mahesh if he is fine in the spirit world and should give some identity so that his family believes in me that its MAHESH’s message!

Erik’s reply : “Dear Ramesh, Mahesh’s case was an accident. He tripped off, not many know but it was sure an accident. It was not meant to be. Mahesh was himself shocked and is under healing. He cannot be contacted now but in future, he will be able to come through say after 3 to 4 months. He wil be fine. Dont worry, his family knows he can never think of suicide and they are right, it was just an accident. Erik.”

Information on existence and reality by Erik !!!!

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This is Neelam’s email to me. She wants to know facts about our existence and multiple realities.

Neelam’s email to me :

Hello Erik. I have come to the awareness that this reality is an illusion created and moved by thought. I am wondering, from where you now exist, how much of this type of information is available to you. Are you aware of exactly where you are and are you aware when you move from one dimension to another or are you still existing within just one reality? Are you aware our current Ascension Process and how many realities do you have access to from where you are? Are you able to see the illusion of this reality or are you viewing from within the thought forms of it?

Erik’s reply :

Answers to your questions.

Pls note that I am writing the answers in sequence of questions sent by you.

“I exist on a place which is lighter than the earth. The energy here is lighter and I can sure travel through planes.

The quantity of information available is subjective. You have to wire yourself to a particular reality and go into space to know the details. As you know, time is linear here, we just have to travel through realities existing simultaneously on different planes of consciousness.
Being lighter in energy helps you travel through these planes of consciousness and we can get you the details  (ofcourse it depends how deeply you traverse through these realities to get in touch with the one you seek information on.)
Ofcourse we are aware and yes we travel through and we do come to know when we travel through different dimensions. We need to adjust to the vibrations to the particular dimension, we travel and its easy as we can raise or lower our vibration but there is a limit to the degree to which we can do this.
Its a choice and we prefer to exist at one reality at a time so as to be comfortable with our own energy and thought process.
Ascension???? Yup sure and there are many more on this planet who are aware and conscious of the ascension.

Well depends, how many you want to access at a time.( it takes a lot of energy), we can access quite a no. of realities at a time enough to baffle a human mind.
I can do both. The thought forms of this plane are accessible and we can be a part of the reality and view it too.

Neelam, you are a regular at the blog, good to see your interest. Dont worry about the other realities, the reality you are now living at present should be the most important as it will shape and affect your other realities. Keep sending intelligent questions, encourages me to access the information for you all. Erik.”