“Busy looking after everyone..”

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Question: I have been busy looking after everyone around me. Everyone has grown and found their purpose but I am left behind. Sometimes I feel lost.
At present, I am not in India but will move back soon. What job should I do?
I have been in a relationship with a guy for many years. Will this relation stay? Is he loyal to me?
Thank you so much for giving me time.
God bless.

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Arpita, your purpose has been achieved in looking after the family, now the soul needs to be taken care of.
For this, look inside your self and find your calling. You can always confirm with us about it. You also have a slight hint. Remember, it should be from within the soul. Look inside, recognise it and confirm it. We will help you be confident but the recognition should come from you. After coming to India, you will be able to do this. Arpita, you know it’s not going anywhere and he will not stay. Follow your instincts and stay detached. Him being loyal is a tricky question as you know it’s not possible in his situation. Rest is your choice. Remember the connections here will serve purpose only if you are unconditional towards them and give them your best without expecting anything from them.