“Come for channeling, as not much can be explained from here…”

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Question 1: I have been jobless for the last few years. Will I ever work again as I have lost confidence, independence, everything.

Question 2: I am having a really troubled family life. It is a complete mess, courtesy in-laws. There is also this feeling I get when I am around my sis-in-law. At the moment, life is a disaster. A lot of humiliation.

Question 3: I am practising auto writing from this year. I have clear alphabet formation but nothing is making sense. Am I going the right way?

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Priya, the problems are because you have been made to suffer intentionally and you have not been able to come out of this influence. Your in-laws want you and your husband seperated, especially, your sister-in-law. This, your husband will never accept. He loves you but mis-understandings have taken a toll on your relationship. Pray to Baba daily to help you come out of this.

Come for channeling, as not much can be explained from here.
Go out and take up anything which comes your way. Weather it is as per your qualifications or not, important is that you move out of that house.

Rest, Baba will help only if you pray daily. Until you meet Renuka, make sure you pray for protection too.
For your writing, same energy stops you from moving ahead. This link should be renewed. Ask for a link again from here. I will get you connected. Send details of your previous link too. It will help us renew it.