Death of a fiancee!!!!

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Anonymous email to me : question-he died just few days before he was going to get married so if he had any last wish for his fiancee and for his family then please let us know and also if he expects sumthng from his family….????

question-reason of death because parents feel that its evil spirit or some kind of black magic that has caused his death…
and parents are in much grief because of death..
so he has anything to say to his parents???


Erik’s reply : “he says, he is very happy and no it was not any evil spirit, he was not willing to go through what was destined in his life in future and thats why he opted to leave earlier,it was a lesson for his fiancee too,he just sends love to everyone and specially to his fiancee,she is stll in pain but he wants her to move on and look for a partner and get settled in life,his parents are also hurt and he would like to apologise for whatever happened,he just wants to assure  them that he is well and everything was for the best, and he does not want them to blame anybody since no one was responsible for whatever happened. he knows they want a sign and he will try and come in their dreams soon after they receive this message,he will try and send a message or just visit them he will get in touch through dreams and assure them he is happy. he also want his mother to be happy for his sake, he wil be happy if they believe in this message and try and be positive in life.”