Dependant on others for happiness….??!!

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Jasmeen’s email to me : ” i feel that i am very dependent on others or things for my happiness it never comes form inside.. if it does rarely..i just dont feel anything. at times i feel i dont live in the present moment.just scared about little events having no significance.. and making meanings out of it.. i feel that i need to feel my life is soo empty at times i feel nervous that things will go away .. people will leave me.. actually one person specifically. you know who i am talking about probably.. i cant let him go.. he is not but that feeling is so weird.. i dont know how to bring happiness from within..IT BOTHERS ME .., also i feel that i dont beleive in myself.. maybe i feel i dont have control and no matter how much i do i ll be somehwere dissatisfied… i feel empty…. and i indulge in self pity.”

Erik’s reply : “Jasmeen, don’t worry you are not going to lose your loved one, its just your phobia and insecurity, it stems from past life lessons, you should get over it because you sometimes make life difficult for this loved one himself and its not good for your relationship, practice positivity, meditation, don’t let any negative thoughts come to you. push away all the fears, pray to Meher baba he will give you strength and will help you rid of all these negativites inide you. you have to believe in the good for any good come to you, your thoughts attract reality and sometime you tend to send negative thoughts which attract the same reality, it has been a pattern and you have this fear inside you that all the things that you imagine will come to pass, so think positive things and they will come to pass because you attract thngs in your life which you think, positive or negative. all the best. don’t let your fears spoil your life and your loved ones deserve a happy positive patrner, not what you have changed yourself to.Erik”