Did I channel a spirit by accident???

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Joe’s email to me :

“I fell asleep after meditating one afternoon and had a very vivid dream that I channelled a spirit who had a burnt up face. When I channelled her I felt like I had my own mind but her voice, face and her house. My kids were in this dream looking at me wanting to take me to the hospital. Was this just a horrible dream or is it possible that I channelled a spirit by accident?”

Erik’s reply :

“Its your subconscious trying to warn you of something, you will do well to record your dreams and relate them with incident in your life, this particular dream means you are going to get hurt if you are not careful. its a prediction of sorts of future, be careful and and be aware, it can be prevented if you are careful also pray to your guides and the almighty for protection.All the best .Erik.”