Do souls choose the immediate connections in life??

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Manisha’s email to me : “I read in Korshed auntys book that a soul decides on rebirth because the soul wants to move to next realm and progress on earth is faster than in spirit world. My query is that souls are interconnected that is they choose their immediate connections bro sis or spouse. If that is so can one soul choose where the other soul will be reborn or the time frames if they were to decide to be related to each other or every soul has to choose his or her own life even if the other soul wants to be with the same soul in next life.”


Erik’s reply : “Manisha, there are many permutations and combinations and you can work around your choices so that you chooses your best and also chose to get connected in that life time with the loved one you wish to connect with,there are higher souls helping you with your life plan and at that time your plan is coordinated with other soul so there is maximum teaching and learning  alongwith karmical settlement with  the soul you meet and connect in that lifetime, its a  big connected energy field and it works as per universal plans and many controling it and taking care of everything as it should be, dont worry you will be with your husband when you are here and again when you chose to come back again when you want to.”