Erik’s advice on dealing with insecurities !!

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Hello, This email comes from a daughter afraid of losing her parents.

Julia’s email to me :

For some strange reasons , I have become really pessimistic and have started thinking that i am going to lose my father or my mother soon.It is extremely frustrating and I want to get these thoughts out of my mind.And want to know if there is any truth in this thought..?
Please help!!

Erik’s message :

“Julia, your mind is playing with your insecurities. There has been an incident which has made you vulnerable. You feel you will be left all alone and since you depend on your parents a lot and love them, You get these thoughts of them going away from you. Your parents will live longer then you think. You need to meditate and calm your mind. Also something which cure your insecurities is also important. You can go for counseling if the problem persists or you can just be positive and ask your mind to shut up whenever it sends such thoughts. Remember, there are no separations, we are always together and connected. Erik.”