“Even simple things end up going wrong.”

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Question: I am in a job I like and I don’t seem to be able to get through a day where something dosen’t go wrong. I check my work and try my utmost to get things right and impress. Even simple things that I have done end up going wrong. It’s like someone has come and messed up with it. There is one particular person who is rude to me and has tried to make things difficult for me. I want to complain about her. I feel a lot of pain due to this as well as other things going on in my life.

I seem to get this a lot in my life and situation is repeated in my relationship with my mother. No matter how much I try, it is not good enough. I am treated badly by her. It seems like she hates me.
Can you please take a look and help me with this? I don’t have any friends and so don’t have anyone to talk this over with. I think my heart is breaking while I am trying to hold everything together.


ERIK’S MESSAGE: Anjali, I know what you mean. With your colleague, it will take only some stiff resistance and not allowing her to walk over you by being very firm and polite. Talk to her and ask her to stay out of your way. That should do it. If not, give her sometime and see if she still makes you miserable and don’t worry¬†about the job. It will not go but make sure you work towards this.

About your mother, it’s her own mind which is responsible for the way she behaves with you. Let’s not judge her and just explain to her politely your boundaries. Keep her out of contact as much as possible. Do it gradually and just stay in touch on the surface. No more sharing with her. It only troubles you more. All the best. Don’t give up.

There is much you can look forward to, I promise you that.