Feel like I dont belong here….Help!!!

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Reene’s email to me : “I was wondering if you could give me even a little bit of a hint as to what I am. Am I anything special, or have a purpose that I am here to fulfill that is out of the ordinary? I have never felt like I belonged here and for some odd reason, am starting to lose my memories or they are not accurate in comparison to what my loved ones remember.Could you please help? It’s getting overwhelming and honestly, I have no idea which direction to turn in.”

Erik’s reply : “There is definitely something going on with you, which you dont understand. You have disconnected suddenly with the world and there is a reason to it, you have also past life memories which confuse you with the memories of the present life, all this will pass and you will feel normal soon, its just a phase and be patient while it lasts.
your purpose is to be of help to the mankind in a way which is out of ordinary but the time for it has not yet arrived, you will know your purpose at the right time, you have intuition, use it, it will help you to move in the right direction.
I understand that you feel disconnected but trust me, its not half as bad and you will get better if you be positive with all that is happening around you. Meditation will help you connect with your guides to get guidance on your life path. Thats all I can reveal at present. All the best. Erik.”