future of a child suffering from cancer

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Namita’s email to me :

“I want to have a little guidance for my very close friend. She has a daughter, her only child, who is suffering from Cancer. She was undergoing repetitive chemotherapy and other related painfull treatment. Last year she had Bone Marrow Transplant. Though the child seems to improve and start a normal life of a child, she has been put under a lot of restrictions for almost her whole lifetime.This question is from her mother who wish to know whether her daughter will be self-sufficient and able to lead a life of a normal human being in future?”

Erik’s reply:
“she will lead a good life although she can have health complications all her life, she has to be taught to deal with it in a positive way, she also needs to be taught to take care of her ownself and not to be dependant on anyone, this way she will be self sufficient. pray to baba and visit the samadhi, baba will take her in her arms and will take care of her for the rest of her life,her mother can stop worrying about her, once she is under baba’s care.Erik.”