Guidance for preparation of an exam!!!

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Ram’s email to me : “I am living in Delhi alone away from my parents and preparing for CA final exam since last 5 years but after doing a lot of hard work I got only half success so I am so confused that whether there is any mistake in my preparation or my luck is ¬†not with me.Kindly suggest me that whether I have to change my way of preparation¬† or do something else.

Erik’s reply : “Ram, you are right, there is a problem with your luck part, you are sincere and you have tried to give your best, maybe you are destined to do something else, i suggest to give it a last try and if you succeed, fine, if not, try out your luck in some other vocation, see what you are good at ,go for it, come back for advice here, if you so want, but see that this last try should be as sincere as others and you give your best as you always do, pray to meher baba if you really want to succeed in this line, he will surely help you, he will help if you pray sincerely to him. all the best, dude.”