Guidance with love life, finances, general, past lives.

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Question: Hi! I would love to know what Erik has to tell me? I would like to know any guidance with my love life, finances, general, or my past lives. If he could help with any of this, it’ll be greatly appreciated.

ERIK’S MESSAGE: Kim, sorry for the delay.
Well, I can point out one important thing in your life right now and that is the relationship with your own self which is suffering as you blame yourself for others fault.

You are a good soul and you always try to be on the right side of the coin. All in all, I want you to be confident and give yourself the benefit of doubt which you give others.

Also, your love life is not what you think. It will improve. There is hope there and I want you to carry on for more time and see where it goes. You might get cofused as to what I am referring to. Think hard, you will know. Rest, you are a bright girl and know where your priorities lie. Working towards them with discipline will always help you.