Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year everyone!

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“Pray to Baba. He will make it happen.”

Rahul’s Question:

Should I take things forward with the same girl or wait for the person that you indicated would come into my life? Also, my family has seen two prospects but I don’t like either of them.
Please advise.

Rahul, the girl in question is not willing to marry and is only buying time for herself to be sure.
It’s a game she plays with herself as well as with you. Don’t waste your time with her and see for other matches.
You should get married by this year and you have to work towards it and pray to Baba. He will make it happen. Also, please visualise yourself as married every morning, it will help. The girl who is there for you is a Baba lover and will be very close to Baba.
Pray to Baba to make you meet her soon.
All the best.