Help for Thalassemia + HIV Patient???

superspirit Channeling Spirit World

Shubhangi’s email to me : “I know of a thalaseemia patient detected few months after birth now she is around 25 years of age, she has now contracted HIV due to blood transfusions (monthly). She is in severe pain and suffers from various problems regarding health. Is there some hope for her or is there some message for her.”


Erik’s reply : ” “ok she will be alright for sometime but she will leave sooner then they think,she has to be prepared for it so she should be given a hint  so that she lives her life fully,she is a strong girl and she should be made aware of her strengths,her lessons are about to end and then her body will give up,so yes she should keep up the strength and live to the fullest for how much ever time she is left with.her soul will be happier then.”