Help with love life!!

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Hiren’s email to me :

Hello again,There’s another thing i wanna add in the question of my love life is that- inspite being a good looking guy,intelligent , nice to everyone and gentle always.. i feel i always had lack of girls in my life.. i feel so cut off.. i had a gf who was very pretty and loving, but we had a breakup recently and i deeply feel that i won’t get a girl like her and i don’t understand why it happened to me.. i remain internally depressed thinking about my love life and what is to come .. i believe in love marriage, but the way things are going i don’t feel i would fall in love in this days..
I want to know what exactly my guides and any other higher spiritual being has guidance for me in this respect. What exactly should i do? and where would i meet the perfect girl of my choice?
I hope you would take the time again to channel for me as u always had.


Erik’s reply : ” “Hiren, yes you will get a girl and you will be happy with her, these relationships are karmic and are destined to teach you some lessons,  you have to learn your lessons and move on, contemplate what went wrong, what was your fault, not hers, see where you lacked, what lessons can you learn, make this lesson your learning and don’t forget it, if you do, your other relationship will fall back on the same track, so dude jus chill, you will have a great chick, and you need to move on and expect a good life instead of being in the past.whatever happened was a partt of plan and you just need to go with the flow, your guides send you intuition and that is the only way they can communicate with you, your abilities depend on how mush you go inside , connect with your self  and meditate. you have a bright future, just meditate for now, and leave the rest to your guides, we cant be elaborative here, because this is what your guide want you to know, for time being. and they are already in touch with you through renuka, so you have a contact with them through a medium already so relax and try and connect with yourself to develop your abiltites and leave the rest to your guides.”