Horoscope..Constellation of stars and their affects!!!

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Jagdish’s email to me : Hi Erik,
I need your guidance on matter of life. We are all born and there is constellation of starts existing at that moment as per horoscope and most of the things , like qualities of an individual and various personality traits are predefined based on that the progress in the journey in life is made . We talk about making choices but our choices are predetermined due to various factors and how an individual behaves in a particular circumstances.
i am a student of astrology / palmistry and realise that though we talk free will even this will is influenced by unknown power. How do we come out of it if its possible. How do we make constructive changes create destiny if every things in pre destined.


Erik’s reply :  “Jagdish, I know it can get bit confusing at times this free will and destiny thing, but its fine balnce you now, free will means you have the power to choose between choices, these choice are determined by your destiny in turn, the choice you make branch out in a different path as per the choice, and so you have parallel destinies charted out for you, and you step on a path, you choose yourself from various choices destiny offers you so you see, you do have a say but to the extent your destiny allows you, but yes with strength, positivity and determination, you can surely chart a different path of your choice. if only you have the courage and determination  to walk the path less trodden, I have to tell you, your choices in addition to your karma’s have a far reaching effect on your destiny now and in future lives, it has  basically a carry over effect. I am glad you asked this question, and if you have any further doubts about anything please feel free to get in touch, its when you start asking question like these, that you start to understand what basically life s all about and where you are going. all the best, Erik.”