How do i know,I am listening to my departed one or to myself????

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David’s email to me : Hi Renuka and Erik,

I’ve been reading all about Erik the last few days and i find it so comforting and amazing. You’re bringing so much happiness to the word.

How do i know that when i think a certain thought that it may be from Rosie or am i talking to myself?
How much has she been guiding me over the last 9 years and is there a reason why?

sending much love


Erik’s reply : “”hi David, i like you, you have a very big heart and a positivity that he is amazing, yes there is a reason, Rosie has been guiding you, you both have past life connections and she has taken on herself to help you get  most out of this life, actually, your thoughts do disturb the guidance she sends you often, you have to practice stilling the mind and silence for fifteen minutes will also help. this will reduce the unnecessary clutter in your brain and you will get her advice more clearly, whenever you are following her advice, do only what feels good doing it, don’t do anything which you are not comfortable doing, when u formally connect with her, tell her mentally, you will be meeting her at this specific time daily, practice this, ask your questions and then keep your  mind blank so that she can send her thoughts, partice this and see where it goes. “