How to use my healing ability???

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Julie’s email to me : “Erik, I have a special healing ability but seem to lack the confidence I need to step out and really claim it. I think this is partly due to the fact I know it exists but don’t know how to tell the public what it is or how it works. I know I am an ”intellectual” being more than mental, emotional or physical, but trying to describe this form of healing I do from the intellectual mind is throwing me for a loop. Can you get any information on this and help me to put it into words that other’s can understand? I would be most thankfull for your help.”

Erik’s reply : “Julie, This is something which needs no explanation really, its a mind technique of transfering energies and balancing them to bring anout the healing, its basically playing with the energy, using the most powerful tool, the mind. Your mind is very powerful and you know it, you just use your mind power to heal and it brings about a possible change which leads to healing, its not intellectual entirely, your will power and confidence comes into play, true but there is something very spiritual connected to it. Little did you imagine before when it frst started, but you know completely and feel confident doing it, similarly, if you start helping, people will benefit and the source and the method wont matter that much. so yes, go out and share your gift, it will sharpen with use and will give you confidenceand more understanding of what you have. all the best for this. Erik.”