Information on existence and reality by Erik !!!!

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This is Neelam’s email to me. She wants to know facts about our existence and multiple realities.

Neelam’s email to me :

Hello Erik. I have come to the awareness that this reality is an illusion created and moved by thought. I am wondering, from where you now exist, how much of this type of information is available to you. Are you aware of exactly where you are and are you aware when you move from one dimension to another or are you still existing within just one reality? Are you aware our current Ascension Process and how many realities do you have access to from where you are? Are you able to see the illusion of this reality or are you viewing from within the thought forms of it?

Erik’s reply :

Answers to your questions.

Pls note that I am writing the answers in sequence of questions sent by you.

“I exist on a place which is lighter than the earth. The energy here is lighter and I can sure travel through planes.

The quantity of information available is subjective. You have to wire yourself to a particular reality and go into space to know the details. As you know, time is linear here, we just have to travel through realities existing simultaneously on different planes of consciousness.
Being lighter in energy helps you travel through these planes of consciousness and we can get you the details  (ofcourse it depends how deeply you traverse through these realities to get in touch with the one you seek information on.)
Ofcourse we are aware and yes we travel through and we do come to know when we travel through different dimensions. We need to adjust to the vibrations to the particular dimension, we travel and its easy as we can raise or lower our vibration but there is a limit to the degree to which we can do this.
Its a choice and we prefer to exist at one reality at a time so as to be comfortable with our own energy and thought process.
Ascension???? Yup sure and there are many more on this planet who are aware and conscious of the ascension.

Well depends, how many you want to access at a time.( it takes a lot of energy), we can access quite a no. of realities at a time enough to baffle a human mind.
I can do both. The thought forms of this plane are accessible and we can be a part of the reality and view it too.

Neelam, you are a regular at the blog, good to see your interest. Dont worry about the other realities, the reality you are now living at present should be the most important as it will shape and affect your other realities. Keep sending intelligent questions, encourages me to access the information for you all. Erik.”