Is it my destiny to be an actress?

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Question: Will I become a successful film actress on my terms and conditions?
What is my connection with this man?
Should I move out of my parent’s house and stay elsewhere?
Thank You.


ERIK’S REPLY:┬áMeneka, your career is not moving and you know that. It’s not your destiny to be successful in this field. You yourself know that it’s a lost cause, so why prolong it?
Why not try for something that really gives you the success that you deserve? Being an actress and keeping up with the showbiz is not easy. Moreover; its not your destiny. Try something which will make you happy doing it.
Your connection with that man is of a past life where you both were friends first and then went on to become lovers. This relationship with him in the present lifetime is not possible. You know the reason. But the past life connection attracts you to each other. Remember, it can get tricky. Stay away if you can or be prepared for some complications later.