Is MEHER BABA receiving my love???

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Jaya’s email to me :

“my question for erik is that it has been weeks since i have been reading about baba ..and i think about him.. i love him a lot.. he rightly is the ocean of love. i feel as if the empty space inside me has been filled by baba. i love him.. my question is that is baba receiving my love? i mean he said there were very few people who can truly love him for what he actually is THE WAY HE SHOULD BE SEEN . like mehera and his brother jamshed ji. am i loving him rightly?.i might not be able to love him as much as mehera does or jamshed but i love him. does he know it?am i right? if i am not then what should i do?baba said that there is no point in reading about what i can do .. what i have done .. or just reading.. EVEN A CHILD can repeat those statements.. am i as good as the man who knows nothing.. and doesnt believe in god even though things like wealth money beauty wont satisfy him?”

Erik’s reply :

“hey Jaya, first of all, master receives your love and has been sending you love which makes you feel healed,you receive his love and you feel happy and peaceful without any specific reason. baba will always be there, yes he has entered your life, and he will always protect you and guide you. baba will be there when you go for your most important, event of your life because you have prayed to him, he has promised to help you with that. master has been receiving your prayers and has agreed to help you with your relationship, coz you have prayed with a sincere heart, Jaya, dont think, just love him, don’t think or compare your love with others, everyone is special to the master and he loves all of you unconditionally, so just love him and dont think anything else, he wants love from you and nothing are blessed and you will have baba s confirmation of your love soon, when you come out of something you have ben struggling with from years, hope you get what i mean. all the best.Erik.”