Is mind different from the soul????

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Sonia’s email to me : my first question is the mind really different from the soul .. so its not really me who feels this way but my mind does it mean that the two are different .. that its not my fault?i feel that with my father and mother around only socially  it just kind of pollutes the environment which becomes very negative and i feel frustrated with them and around them.. i feel life is fulll of gross restrictions and bad is bound to happen if i take a step in a different direction .. at times.. they just create so mch stress and insecurity around
secondly you spoke of phobias .. i have one little fear suddenly out of nowhere it emerges.. and these bad vicious thoughts come in about my partner.. and other girls… it just comes in and i dont know what happens.. then i start seeing the people around me in a different way.
and erik i also read what you said about feeling .. say not good when people behave in a self defeating way.. i do that but your words are changing me .. i think .. do not feel that way about me .. i promise to change and become positive . but please answer both the questions.

Erik’s reply : ” “Sonia, I am glad you are asking all the right questions at such an early age, mind is non different,but it sure has a sub identity and surely works differently then your soul, our mind gets affected by previous life sanskaras and also through your current life experiences, it acts as per positive and negative impressions accumulated, so many times its not easy to control it and it acts on its own, so to the extent you are not responsible fully, in the sense, you can work to control your mind and direct it towards more positive and constructive thoughts, then negative and self defeating thoughts, so it all depends on how you can control your mind, this can be done through practicing silence, meditation and positivity, this will throw away all the negativity and fears out of your mind, you will be so strong no outward influence will affect you, you will also learn to be happy all by your ownself, because you won’t be dependent on anyone for anything, what you want to feel, you will be able to direct your mind to think thoughts which you want to think and feel, and direct your life the way you want it to be and not what your mind makes you feel, i have seen your efforts and i am proud of you, you can do it, all the very best, you are a strong person and with a wrong will and determination, you will surely achieve what you want to, don’t bother about outward influences. make your mid your slave and let it feel and think what you want it to.. keep sending quetsions, i like it when you ask the right questions, you sure deserve a pat Sonia, keep it up , i will be monitoring your progress with your mind, remember exams or no exams, you have to keep up the efforts and you will be successful in all the exams ,life throws at you. all the best. Erik”