Is my father with MEHER BABA??

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Arvind’s email to me :

“I am missing you father. When I took salary this month, I was in tears as you were not there to receive fruits and other eatables. You remain in my heart for all time. I love you father. May be I did not express my love for you explicitly when you were alive. It is unfortunate that I could not gift you the book when you were able to read.

I saw you in my mind’s eye , smiling in the embrace of Meher Baba, on the third day ceremony after your departure from this world. Is it correct or is it only a play of my mind? I thank Baba for fulfilling my wish that when the time comes to take you from this world, to do so without much physical pain to you. My love to you. Jai Baba.”

Arvind’s father’s reply through Erik :

“Son you are right I showed you i am with baba.baba helped me to do that for you because you prayed to him for confirmation, i am very happy here, who wouldnt be when he is with the master in its full glory,i have happiness i cannot express, dont be sad, this world is nothing but a dream and i dint have any regrets after coming to baba,i am very happy and want you to,love baba and always be thankful to him for whatever he does for us, keep your mind aside and fill your heart with baba s love,if you do this, you will achieve a lot in this life and it wil help you a lot. give my love to all, i am very much blessed and so are you my dear family with baba s love, jai baba.”