Joint family problems…..!!

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Reema’s email to me :

I am writing this message on behalf of my father.we live in a joint father was ready to sacrifice all properties,money for his brothers then too everyday they play games with him and he is unable to react and understand them and he is very upset too so he need some help how to react.


Erik’s reply : “Hi Reema,¬†your father is not as dumb a you think, he is an intelligent man and he knows the way around, he is just emotional about the family and therefore can’t take the decisions pragmatically, tell him he is doing no good to himself as well his brothers by giving into their pressure, he has to take a stand and show them who is the boss here, it will not be only good for him but them too, because by complying with them he is responsible for their negative karma’s too, also tell him, he has a good chance of supporting them even by keeping hold on everything, or it can lead to losses coz they are not good at handling responsibilities then him, also he has a soft heart and he should guide against taking decisions emotionally, he should be pragmatic and do only what is fair and just.he has to be strict, that is the attitude he should be showing now. also keep him away from manipulative relatives who try to take advantage of his goodness, be a shield for him and make use he is not swayed by their manipulative behaviour.all the best erik.”