“Just be patient and keep praying to the Master!”

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Nandani’s email to me : First of all I would like to thank-u for helping so many people, your & Karl’s help gives different dimensions to a person who reads your blog & has come to know about this.
I have read Nan’s Sounds of Silence & Listening to the Silence which led me to know about Baba. My faith has immensely increased in Baba.
Here I would like to know about my maternal grandfather who has passed away years ago. I would like to know if he wants to give us any message & if he is happy out there with you all as he had faced many difficulties in his earthly life. I feel bad for not meeting him when he was ill.
I am facing many problems right now like not getting married to the person I love; Karl has given the message that it will happen but I am anxious that when it will happen, as my parents are eager to get me married & the problem is that my lovers father is not ready for our relationship. Due to all this, both of us are not a peace & it’s been 3 years now. I also feel that I have more capabilities & potential to show in my professional life but still I am not getting the kind of job I want so that I can be a financial help to my lover & my family.

requesting your help to guide me with reference to all my queries. Looking forward to get your message.
Once again thanks a lot for all your help & lots of love to all of you.


Erik’s reply :  “Nandani, Karl is right this will happen but timing is not fixed, just be patient and keep praying to the Master he will help you with this, your professional life will improve soon, keep looking for opportunities and you will be led to a good one soon. Your family and your lovers family will be at a better place after 6 to 7 months, so for now concentrate on your career. Also your grandfather is here well and happy but don’t trouble him if you have no specific request.”