Little girl’s unknown illness!!!

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Anonymous email to me : “Dear Renuka,
I was sent to you by one of the CE Family member. There is a little girl, whose parents seeking help for. She jas an illness that nobody can describe. I will send you a link with the description of it in english. It was suggested that maybe Erik would be able to help. How this little girl cuold be helped, what could be possible diagnoze for this girl. Not sure if this kind of answer could be given, If yes, wonderful, if not. I understand. With many blessings,”


Erik’s reply : “this illness is not very known but there is information about this out there,you just need to search for it at the right place, i advise to send healing light to this girl,also she should be very much receptive to the treatments for that,she needs to be emotionally counseled too,this little girl is unaware of what i happeing with her,she should be made aware and needs to be explained,so that she is more receptive and her body is healed,she will have to be guided i can only say there is treatment for this, please look up on the internet there might be a clue to the therapies for her. if possible, contact jamie and i will reveal through her,jamie will be open to this and she should be contacted for further help.”