Message from a loving mother for her daughter

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Jyoti’s email to me : My mother passed away on xx/xx/xxxx in hospital in Mumbai as she was not keeping well. Due to personal reasons we were not on talking terms and I feel guilty that I had not spoken to her for a year before she passed away. Can you please contact her and check with her if she has any message for me and that I am sorry and to forgive me.



Erik’s reply : your mother is here. “don’t worry Jyoti, I love you. You are worried about me, how can I be angry with you, you are my daughter and I love you, things that have passed have passed, look ahead, you will have a good life, I will always love you and take care of you as a mother, I am happy here and want you to forget everything and be happy, a mother cannot be away from her children for long, so don’t worry, there is nothing to forgive and you will always be my daughter. Pray for me and be happy, this is all I want you to do.”