Meaning of a recurrent dream!!!

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Riya’s email to me : “Hi This messsage is for my mom who died on 29th July ¬†in india. I repeatedly have dreams of the house we last lived in with her (when she was alive). I am always being chased by something/someone like a beast or animal in that dream. Somehow that thing catches up with me even inside the house and at times I am locked out of the house. I have had this dream for years. I need to understand the meaning behind this.
Thanks for your help.

Erik’s reply : “Riya, This house in question is calling you. Do visit this house once. These dreams means, you are blocking an issue which you need to handle wheras your guides want you to face this issue.This signifies a beast running after you and you running away, face up the fears and fight it, the dreams wont trouble you, introspect and see what is your deepest fear, face it and resolve it with courage. Erik. ”