Message from a departed friend!!!

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Rajan’s email to me : “Hey Erik! how are you??!
Here I go with my question.
I had a childhood friend, named Preetam, who died in a road accident on 13th January 2010, left after him his sister and parents.
Off late I have been thinking about him and getting this feeling that I should ask for a message from him for his parents and sister.
Hello, Preetam how are you ?please send a message so that it not only affirms them that it is you but also consoles them.

Erik’s reply : ” “Renuka, Preetam is here,he has a message and he is happy to connect. he says, hey Rajan, thanks yaar, for making this request, i was keen to get in touch with mummy and papa, they are grieving and i want to console them, i am proud to have you as a friend, thanks for healing me. tell mummy papa, i am happy here, i am being taken care of in a very good way, they are very sad and i don’t like them being sad, it hurts me here. i am at home most of the times, mummy always feels me but shrugs off this feeling, tell them to use my room and don’t keep it locked, i would like to have sunshine and fresh air in my room, please ask them to be happy for my sake or it hurts me here, tell them I promise to take care of my sister and they don’t need to worry so much about her, she will be fine.They also have many complaints with god, they should heal themselves and stop being angry at god, it was all destined and they should accept it. we will be together once again tell them and we will definitely be a family again here”