Missing father… found in spirit world

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Tanya’s email to me : I would like to ask you about my father as he is missing since July xxxx from Xxx. We are not sure whether he is alive or not as he had left a message on paper saying that he going to commit suicide.

Would request your help to know the same & if he is not alive can u get me some message from him as my entire family is worried about the same.

Looking forward for your reply as it will helps us a lot!

Erik’s reply :  “Tanya yes your father is in the spirit world. He is here, he has this message for his daughter, “Beta, I know you all were worried, yes I am here in the spirit world, couldn’t take it any longer, I know it was my fault and I was weak but I want you to be strong, I regretted my decision after coming here and wished I would have showed more courage as God is always with us helping us, it’s we who don’t recognise His help. I am very happy we are able to contact. I need to ask forgiveness so that I am able move on. I have just one request, please pray for my soul, I need prayers to move on here, please pray for me and remember I have no complaints with my family and I love everyone the same. Tell your mother, she is not wrong and she is loved just the same.”