Mother’s message!!!!

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Sam’s email to me : “I am very very attached to my beloved mother. I was with her till the last breath. When she was alive, i could not imagine living without her, so I avoided what is going to happen as she is sick and has renal failure, was counting her days. She passed on Nov 7, 2007 at a private hospital. I was shell shocked, felt like being along this world although i am married. Even now I was upset I could not share my feelings with her. If you please tell me how she is doing, I will be grateful to you. I want to join her as soon as I finish my duties in this world as I want my bond to continue, I love her so dearly. Ple help and understand my emotional feelings.”

Mother’s reply through Erik : “Sam, I love you too very much. I know of your restlessness and prayed for you. I am very thankful, I am in a position to contact you. Sam, you promised, you will always be happy. I cant see you sad. I had to put many efforts to get you here, to contact me. You have to be happy for your family. I love them dearly too. I am always with you whenever you think of me. dont be disheartened, I will never leave you. You have to be strong and live your life happily. I want to see you happy. Dont worry about me. I am well here and can be with you whenever I want. So please dont be sad for me, it hurts me to see you like that. Remember, I always taught you to be brave. I am watching over you. Dont feel alone. Mummy.”