Need a guide in my life…???!!!

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Shubhangi’s email to me :
Dear Renuka..

Happy to found u 🙂 and really thankful to you for giving happiness to so many people.

I by chance came up on your side. I think i’m naturally inclined to natural powers of the Universe ( since 1998 )and want to make this powers as ”MY PART of MY LIFE”. ( Bcos of which i’ve connected to so many divine souls – thankful and happy n teary me )

But I’m not able to find out one single way ( which is actually made for me) to connect with divine for once and all.. I keep moving from one way to another without any fixed direction.

I really need Your help to throw some light for my future direction for identifying and connecting with my ULTIMATE GUIDE – I need continuous guidance. PL HELP ME.


Erik’s reply :

“Shubangi, you have e an ability to connect with spirits and it helps you in many ways, its true you still don’t know the formal procedure on how to do it, your guides are trying to help you with this and they want you to have patience with them, you will connect with them very soon and it will be through a psychic, not renuka, though, keep looking around, you will be lead to one in coming days and your guides will surely communicate with you through this particular person, they will give you all the knowledge in parts and you have to make sue you follow their guidance, you will have to keep going to this person until you are confident of your own abilities and start channeling them yourself, this will begin soon, be aware and see where you are guided. they are leading you, you have to be open and not resist anything, and trust your intuion, all the best.”