Need help for a friend’s child???

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Sanjay’s email to me : “My mother’s childhood friend, who is a resident of Mumbai, has a son named Jatin. He used to speak when he was 2-3 years old, thereafter stopped talking and till date when he is around 18, he doesn’t speak. Something has happened to him, we don’t know what. Please guide.”

Erik’s reply : “Sanjay, this guy has been affected mentally. He has chosen this life himself thats why the parents have not been able to cure him till now. His parents are good human beings and have lessons with him to be learnt. They have a very good heart and will give him the best upbringing. This guy understands more then his parents think. He needs only love and will have a good future despite his disability. Taking him to the samadhi will help ease his confusions as a soul. Erik.”