Not at peace since mom’s death…

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Mehak’s email to me : “My mother passed away on xx/xx/xxx in Xxx, India. I want to ask her whether we will ever meet again. I wish for some sort of guidance in my life. Superficially, i seem to have a normal, happy life. I have a good job, loving husband and caring family members. But I still feel that something is missing in my life. I have been unable to be truly at peace since my mom’s death. I know she is in a better place but i can’t shake of the feeling that circumstances could have been different. Its always ”what if” she were here.I wish to know if there is something I could have done to avoid her passing. And also, I sometimes wake up at night feeling that someone has touched me or called out my name. Is it her or just a bad dream?”

Erik’s reply : “Mehak, your mother is watching over you and is wanting to connect but cannot get to you because of your grief, thats why this feeling of frustration and regret, relax, meditate. You will be fine, you can request for a message from your mother and we will connect with her for you. try and be happy, this is what your mother wishes, also keep her in your prayers, it will help her.”