Not in favor of daughter’s affair, what to do?

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Maya’s email to me : “My daughter is having an affair with a boy named Rahul and I don’t like this relationship. According to me the boy is characterless and does not have good image in the society and moreover he belongs to different caste so we are not interested. What should we do? How can we stop her? We are not in the favour. You know everything so please guide us. We don’t want our daughter to spoil her life. What should we do?”

Erik’s reply : “Maya don’t worry this boy will do it himself, he won’t be able to continue this relationship, he is fickle minded and your daughter will be stopped at the right time, make sure you keep throwing hints about him to your daughter but don’t force her, be loving at the same time make her recognise her mistakes, she will herself be out of this relationship when she realises she is  being led astray by that guy, it will happen itself, just be mindful of your daughter and support her when it gets over.”