Parental issues…..!!!!

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Smita’s email to me :

“My parents are having certain issues for a long time now. I am worried about my mom as she is really depressed and since she is a bit high maintenance, it makes her do all sorts of weird stuff without her realising shes hurting herself as well as those around her.I would really appreciate it if you could please guide me in finding a solution to help her before its too late and bringing peace to my family.”

Erik’s reply :

“your mother is going through a mid life crisis, she will continue her antics for some more time, and she will realise her problem after say 6 months, till then be patient with her, she has an aversion to being very upkeep and prepared, this is her weakness, to be the centre of attention, if she doesn’t get this,she resorts to all this, she will be better if you take  her to counsellor but i doubt she will agree, so just wait it out until she realizes it herself, support and positivity from both you and your father, remember she is not aware of her state and  is just a victim of her own mind,so do not judge her and support her, she deserves that, keep coming back for guidance here, i would be able to reveal more with time. till then pray for her, give her unconditional love and support, and wait for this phase of her life to get over. all the best, Erik.”