“Prayers for her soul will help her grow here…”

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Girish’s Questions for his family: Is my wife in the spirit world or has she reincarnated? Is she at peace? Does she visit us often?
How is my son’s future health-wise?
How will my daughter progress in life in terms of marriage and career?

Your wife is with BABA and is at peace. Yes, she often visits family. She can be contacted after three months of her passing away. Prayers for her soul will help her grow here.
Your son has crossed his test where health is concerned. He will be well but strict discipline and regular check-ups are a must. He has to adopt holistic healing for a balanced approach. Also, he should get into prayers and meditation to calm his mind, which will help his health.
Your daughter can do better. Her choices are not from the right perspective. She will do well with administrative and counselling careers. She is good at motivating. She should concentrate on PR related jobs too. It will help her. Marriage is not on her mind. It will take time and should happen as per her wish and will.