The Original Home


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The glorious spirit world believed in or not, continues to exist as it is, and is our natural habitat. The physical world is only an image, much denser and much more artificial, created as a shadow, a tiny replica of the actual world –¬†¬†The spirit world.

The real world, the real home to every soul is the spirit world. The imaginary or the illusory world, the physical world, is juts a place which offers a different reality. It could be better termed a residential school, but souls come here, take it too seriously and feel it is their permanent home.

Many eons ago, it was created with a purpose, this physical world, but this purpose has been relegated to the back burner and the physical world is being used for other imaginary reasons. Through this book, the Master attempts to give us a glimpse of the actual world which we have forgotten, not to lure us back to it but to make us realise that this current abode we dwell in, is temporary and the meaningless race is only taking away our breath and our time. To save us from our own selves, to bring us closer to our original identity, Master through this book will present few glimpses of the original home, our real home – The spirit world.