Questions about a haunted house.

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Question: Hi Erik and Renuka! Since the day we have shifted to this house, I have been having negative experiences through dreams and real life. In dreams in particular, earlier I used to see my mom as a ghost/negative spirit scaring me. Earlier this year, I saw a woman dressed in white, laughing at me. I really want to understand if all of these are just my thoughts or my curiousity about afterlife or is there really something negative in my house? Based on this, we need to take a decision to change the house.
Also, my family and I are concerned about my marriage. My younger brother who got married last year got divorced this year. Is this all happening because of this house?
I am in love with a guy I know. We have had an on and off relationship. We are not talking to each other currently, but somehow my mind and heart just belong to him. I am trying hard to just let him go and move on. Do you see him with me in future?
I really need your help and guidance!
ERIK’S REPLY: This house is haunted. It is not your imagination. Enquire about it’s history and you will know. It’s your choice to shift or have it cleansed. What happens in your life is not because of this but yes your health can get affected.

Marriage, you should get married by this year end if you keep an open heart and move on from that guy, as he is not into you and has made up his mind about someone else. It’s important that you realize this and stop waiting and be open for another man in your life if you actually want to get married.

Your bother, you knew it was a mistake right from the start. It’s his life and he won’t listen to you in any case, so, just pray for him.
You have more questions about your life and state of mind. Ask, I will be glad to help.
Take care,                                                   Erik.