Questions from a confused Rahul..

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Questions: I have not had a normal life so far. Currently, I am trying to find a purpose and the path that I should take for this life. Please guide me to be on the right path and to find my purpose.

Work life: I have worked in an IT industry in the past. Should I look for a job in the IT industry or any other industry? Which industry? When will I find a job? Or start my own business? If yes, when?

Personal Life: I am divorced, living alone. Now I need a companion. So, I have created a profile on the matrimonial portal. When am I likely to get married? What kind of person will she be? Any other advise.

Spiritual life: I have a deep interest in spirituality. So, please tell me what is my spiritual purpose in this life?

ERIK’S REPLY: Look for a job in the IT industry itself, you will have a job. Just do what you get for now. You need to be busy to keep your mind busy. Once you are in that mode, you will get opportunities and then, you can choose what you get. Remember, just have a job and start working no matter what. It should be it but if you happen to get any other job just accept it and try to be busy. Once you are at it, try and look for your opportunities and see whether something else interests you in any way. Then explore it without leaving your job. Once you are confident about your options, you can leave your job and do what appeals to you.

You will meet someone in a year.
Not through those sites.
Try and see where it goes and do not rush into it.
See if that is what you want. Only when you are very sure, go for it and have a relationship to know what is it that you want from it. Also, if you want to get married, you will attract a good partner only if you are positive.
You know you are deserving. Drive away all the thoughts that make you feel you are not worth it.
Just give it some time.