Reason for death???!!!

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Shane’s email to me : “My 46 year old cousin,passed away very suddenly and unexpectedly April 5th, 2010.He had just finished having dinner with friends, and was found in the parking lot of his condo, deceased. He had had a physical the week before, and checked out ok. They were unable to determine cause of death, and was marked as ”natural causes”. This has been very hard for the family to digest, and is worry some for the other siblings, as well as cousins. Could you tell me how he passed, if he has already gone through his healing on the other side, and if he is communicating with us yet? Much love and light, Vicki

Erik’s reply : “Shane, dont think too much, its not that serious, I am sure but I need some more time to get in touch with your cousin. The cause was medical and it couldnt be detected. There is no hidden business here. So relax. Pray for him.Erik.”